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  1. I'm currently watching the first season of HBO's "Rome," which is great. And not just because James Purefoy gets full frontally naked in one episode. (God, I love cable.)
  2. Not the Superbowl flushing phenomenon thread I was expecting.
  3. Hey, they've got an article about XTC: http://beingtheremag.com/column.php?issue=23&id=334
  4. We should start our own Ravelry group. If anyone wants to friend me, my user name is daylightsparks.
  5. Vibes, comfort and good wishes for you and your family.
  6. All my lies are always wishes I know I would die if I could come back new Tall buildings shake Voices escape singing sad sad songs Tuned to chords strung down your cheeks Bitter melodies turning your orbit around Every little thing that you do Seems so much better than I could do I'm counting on A heart I know by heart To walk me through this war Where memories distort
  7. This is brilliant: http://www.jamphat.com/rap/ I don't get all the references, but I'm sure El Famoose and some other folks would. Clicking on the pictures will take you to a YouTube video of the song in question. Oh, and some of the images are NWS due to language - just to warn you.
  8. In high school I got a big red mallet and a very old capgun. The gun has long since been lost, but I still have the mallet, and treasure it deeply.
  9. I would totally go to see Candygram for Mongo.
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