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  1. what kinda of a video camera do you have? Some of those close up shots have pretty cool quality.
  2. Did these MP3's come from those twin 414's in front of the board? I think I can hear that security guy scolding folks for coming too close to the board. me and my friend kept a running count of how many times he had to do that (and how many times he called people older than him 'Son,...')
  3. thanks poppy, for the crazymeds link! It sounds like more people than I thought are aware of these issues, and are maybe brought closer to the music because of it. Maybe not so directly, but just knowing that one of the people responsible for the music I love has to deal with some of the same things I do is a bit of a comfort. I'm so grateful too that Jeff took such a positive path towards recovery and good health. I know its apples & oranges, but I remember how depressing it was when I heard about Elliott Smith, and as a fan looking up to him and his music, it was difficult to receive
  4. I noticed Jeff talks a lot in the article about self-observations and a lot of what he figured out about his issues came from his own reasoning, and also how less-than-competent doctors can sometimes make matters worse by misdiagnoses or medicating when maybe medication isn't quite correct. Does anyone know of a public forum anywhere online where people can share their observations and their issues and maybe seek help from others with similar conditions? I feel like this is a really positive way to deal with things. Just having a way to relate to others and learn from people with similar p
  5. jeff said how they used all the song suggestions for the show. I have to say that its such a good idea to have that submission form, I definately left there without a single thought of 'I wish they played....' What a great set!
  6. No idea if anyone posted this, but that guitar music that would come on during the night is actually a stock song for iPhoto that you can apply to your photo slideshows....I'm gonna go out on a limb and say someone was dj'ing from their itunes and their iphoto screensaver came up? maybe....?
  7. wow, long time no post..... don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet, but I found this through ACL's website. It has a few clips of Jeff talking about the show, and a small bit of Hummingbird that never made air. (And Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and Tom Waits too!) ACL CNN DOC. Merry Christmas!
  8. yeah, they reissued his self-titled not too long ago, great album, well worth a spin.
  9. i agree. while its understandable why many might steer clear, I i think the ending section of the song is a great piece of music. while it may not have 'conventional' structure or lyrics, it still remains a composition of music....and you're totally sane for enjoying it.
  10. Who played on that last number, 'That's Alright Mama'? Was it a combination of the house band and wilco? I heard nels soloing a bit on there. And there was that great piano solo.
  11. that tote looks the perfect size for carrying around that SBS vinyl and possibly others...
  12. what a tasteful film! that was great (very insightful!), i really hope these wilco/jeff films continue as the band continues to make music, its really a compliment to the albums and just shows how great the songs go on to be live (and the behind the scenes clips and conversations really spice up the movie!)
  13. i've never been to first unitarian before in philly, but the church in NYC had great acoustics and it was great hearing them play in that space. there were a few times where the overtones would separate and hit me from all corner of the room. crazy stuff. those guys are fantastic though. as far as improvisation goes, they completely blew me away (so many beautiful ideas and rhythms and so much sound from just 2 people!). enjoy (or by the time of this post, hope you enjoyed!)
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