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  1. I played "I Can't Keep From Talking" as the recessional at my older sister's wedding, everyone seemed to like it.
  2. This is such a dumb conversation. Why does it happen like once a month?
  3. I really hope they don't play "You Never Know" because it's a pretty crappy song and not representative of the album at all. I'd expect to hear either the title track, One Wing, or I'll Fight.
  4. Because no one was ever killed in a car before Tarantino thought it up
  5. It just seems like if it was something else, they'd be more specific and sanctimonious.
  6. On the subject of his cause of death, when a press release says, "... from complications due to surgery" and does not specify what kind of surgery, it was usually cosmetic.
  7. Yeah, the hammer/pull is easier to do and sounds just about right, I just like how smooth it sounds sliding.
  8. If you're playing Capo 3, the little slide/fill between stanzas is something like G]-2/-4/-2p-0 D]-----------2 Which would of course harmonize with a higher bit if playing with though guitars, but on its own it sounds pretty good.
  9. Well whoever wrote it isn't a very good writer. Some decent observations but his prose is for shit.
  10. The intro bit is basically picking on/around the chords listed above and yeah, most of the time it's an Em.
  11. Am I the only one who plays this song in Open G with a capo on 2? It's so much easier than holding that A shape for the whole song.
  12. Everyone in my section of the balcony looked at me funny because of how loud I was when Wait Up started. I was excited.
  13. So great. I was in balcony and drove all the way from Columbia, MO to be there.
  14. Basically about who we thought came out on top after Tupelo broke down. We both agreed it was Tweedy.
  15. Last week in the middle of class I had a pretty spirited Wilco/Uncle Tupelo conversation with my Professor,
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