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  1. Have a Giving Tree weekend like I just did and we'll talk then, sister!
  2. 3100 posts vs 35000 posts.
  3. Dont hate me. Its not you, its me! Someday I'll explain. Like I said before, circumstances no longer allow that level of distraction. If things ever turn around for the better, I'll be scratching at the back door like a dog asking to get back in.
  4. Garden tomaters are coming in strong right now. Finally, something good happens.
  5. I heard that they recently played a version of "Walk Like a Giant" that was 24 minutes long....that included 5 minutes of feedback. I LOVE when Neil rides the Horse!
  6. Oh man!!! 2012-08-03, The Pavilion, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA w/ Crazy Horse 1. Love And Only Love 2. Powderfinger 3. "Ontario"* 4. Walk Like A Giant* 5. The Needle And The Damage Done 6. Twisted Road* 7. For The Love Of Man* 8. "Every Morning Comes The Sun"* 9. Cinnamon Girl 10. F*!#in' Up 11. "Party Girl"* 12. Mr. Soul 13. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) --- 14. Jesus' Chariot* 15. Roll Another Number * - song debut
  7. "The Age of Miracles" K. Walker. A bit slow yet creepy, waiting for the big payoff.
  8. Bobby Keys is still alive?! For some reason I thought he checked out in the 90s.
  9. "Apathy for the Devil" by Nick Kent. Crazy story, this guy knew everybody!
  10. What, Piscopo is timeless I tell ya, timeless!!
  11. I've never seen that......not sure why. I know we had a blast on that run at Alpine. Pretty damn rainy but the shows were on fire!
  12. Take back your Iranian torture and the apple in young Steve's eye.
  13. Hoot hoot, dont pollute!
  14. I thought Bobby got busted at Poplar Creek in the early 80s while walking around the lot burning a number after the show.
  15. I was floating, grooving and shaking around all over the place during both shows so you very well could be right!
  16. Alpine and Poplar Creek, right? Remember that harvest moon rising at Poplar? Thats also where I saw Uncle Bobo grooving along one of the aisles. I remember being pissed that Clemons was going to be on stage for those shows and afterwards I was so happy because the dude jammed out and complemented the band so righteously. My discs of those shows suck though, bad AUDs.
  17. "Ecotopia" by E. Callenbach. I read it in 1990 and thought I'd give it a second whirl. Doing so has aroused the utopianist in me again.
  18. An article in todays Wall St Journal completely shredded this film to tiny bits.
  19. The Meat Puppets are back, baby and better than ever!
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