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  1. I don't have pictures of all my gear, but here's some of it: The PRSi: An SG: The Jazzmaster:
  2. Yes, you're right. Saw the Lester gold top w/Bigsby tonight in Berkeley. He also busted out the Casino.
  3. We had a lot of fun at this show and the band played great! I especially appreciated them doing "Box Full of Letters." The guitar duel at the end between Nels and Pat was hugely entertaining. My only rant for the show were the three young women next to me who insisted on talking LOUDLY over the music most of the night. They only shut up long enough to frequently check their cell phones for text messages. Of course, they have to hold them up high for everyone to see. The glow of a cell phone is so annoying. What a distraction, why go to the show in the first place? Sorry, had to get that off
  4. He played the Lester tonight at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. Soapbar pickups, no Bigsby. Only played it during the opening tune, "Wilco (the song)". Other guitars: Les Paul/SG's, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, the Gibson Howard Roberts, Gibson acoustic, and the OO Martin.
  5. I just added this guitar to the collection. It's a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul VOS. It's interesting that they branded it as a Les Paul, because I don't think that style of Maestro was used until a few years after '61, after it had been rebranded as the SG. The '61 Maestro was different. Either way, cool guitar and a lot of fun.
  6. Come Together has the perfect groove. Without Ringo, well...
  7. A few months ago I bought an American Vintage Reissue Jazzmaster. I think the pickups sound great. They have a much stronger mid-range than my Strats and Teles. Jason Lollar makes amazing pickups, but I don't think I'm going to swap the ones in my Jazzmaster. However, I do have Jason Lollar pickups in my Bill Nash guitar (second picture).
  8. I'm One - The Who '65 Love Affair - ? 1999 - Prince 1984 - Bowie Millions Like Us - The Purple Hearts Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
  9. This topic has been covered very well in this thread, but I'd like to add one to the "Best Of" list: We Jam Econo, a doc on The Minutemen
  10. I'm a big fan of the Fulltone Fatboost.
  11. Bankrupt and folded. Too bad, it was a fine mag. Yet somehow Tiger Beat continues... http://www.harpmagazine.com/news/detail.cfm?article=12387 Harp Announcement
  12. We're going to be playing tonight (Friday) at the Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco starting at 9:00, and tomorrow at the Frog and Peach in San Luis Obispo. If you're in the area swing by and introduce yourself as a VC'er to get a free CD. It would be cool to connect a person with some of the names I've seen here for years.
  13. I agree with this post, particularly with regard to the weight at the headstock. I prefer lighter hardware like tulip-type Klusons for a vintage look or the mini Schallers that PRS puts on most of their guitars. One of my Rickenbackers came with the larger Grovers and completely threw off the guitar's balance. But my 335 also has Grovers and because it's a heavier guitar there are no balance issues. In my opinion, if you're going for a vintage look you need to use era-correct hardware. But, if the guitar is a player just stick with what works. Most of us have checked out used gear in a stor
  14. Very, very cool. Congrats on a nice job and cool guitar.
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