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  1. They should always play at the State Theater! It's the perfect venue except for the fact there's no GA tickets. The atmosphere would be much better with standing room.
  2. Yeah, I think "It's Just That Simple" came before IATTBYH. And the "Jesus etc" thing that they did gave new life to a very well-worn tune. I also got an Aftershow pass and got beers with the band, talked guitar tech with Nels and talked about the Twin Cities with John. Amazing night!!
  3. It does look more like a Jag than a Jazzmaster. But I felt like he didn't even play his signature jazzmaster in Des Moines. It's not a big deal, just strange. It's like Tweedy without the red SG.
  4. OK, this has kind of been bothering me. I noticed this in Des Moines the other night, and in some recent photos that Nels has been playing a black Jazz Master. This seems strange to me because he seemed to favor that beaten up jazz master quite a bit. But then I saw it closer and started wondering if he had just painted it black. Anyone have any insight on this? Black paint, or new guitar?
  5. I drove from Fayetteville, Arkansas for this one. I've seen them twice at the Val Air and the have pulled out the stops both times. I LOVE this band.
  6. I heard Panthers on an episode of the OC today.
  7. I think that it sounds awesome, you really did a fantastic job. You did the song justice, it still sounds sweet on the acoustic guitar. Thanks for the tabs as well.
  8. The Tulsa show falls on my birthday, I can't wait.
  9. As a Twins fan, I think it would be ill-conceived if Santana goes for only Jacoby Ellsbury. The Red Sox have allegedly made it clear that it's Santana for Ellsbury or Jon Lester, not both of them. I think the smart deal for us to make is Santana to the Yankees for Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera.
  10. I can't remember the last time I was excited by the World Series. It really hasn't been good since 03. Even if you like the Red or White Sox or the Cards, there is no denying how much of a snooze fest the last three World Series have been.
  11. So strange. I don't think I would ever actually ask that question, but rather go search for stuff that reminds me of how Wilco dresses.
  12. This is awesome, hearing that they will "definitely be back in the US next summer." A few friends of mine, and even myself at times, have speculated that maybe all the old tunes are a sign of Wilco taking an indefinite break. This article is good news.
  13. Elusive in my experience, but ok.
  14. Three of my friends made this their first Wilco show. They met and got their picture taken with one Jeff Tweedy. I have seen Wilco four times (including MPLS 3 years ago) and have yet to meet the elusive songwriter. So, I'm pretty jealous.
  15. I didn't know there were other Arkansans here, anyone else from Fayetteville? Go Hogs?
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