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  1. If I have to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, I will have to go with whomever the R's put up. I don't think she would be any better of a president than Cruz or even Trump, in fact I think if Trump actually won, he really wouldn't do shit. Cruz is running because he is an ideologue and believes the Constitution was sent from god, Trump is running just to win. Do you think Bernie is running for his legacy?
  2. I'm firmly in the Anyone But Clinton camp, I'd vote for Bernie over Trump or Cruz because I at least have some faith that he is following his principals, even though I fall on the conservative end of the spectrum. I don't believe for one second Hilary is fighting for anyone or anything but her legacy, if I ask myself, is Bernie really trying to fight for "the people", my answer is usually yeah, I really think he is. In November I will most likely voting for Trump or Cruz, because Hilary is the anointed one this cycle and ABC. You can point fingers at the Republicans and blame them for this
  3. White privilege and overt racism obviously.
  4. This election will be worse than the new Ghostbusters.
  5. Hint, his brother was Ron from Mercury Records.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Wisconsin Legislature increased the limit for restitution up from the $25k he got for the first 18 years and he was gong to get more money ($450K) from the state under the new "Avery Bill". This was completely separate from the settlement he took after the charges were filed so he could hire is defense team, RE: the $36M suit against the county.
  7. If Steven Avery is guilty, he has to be one of the stupidest super-villains ever. He is days away from getting $450K from the state of Wisconsin that would allow him to finance his suit against the county and he murders someone that will be easily traceable to his home. Commits a gruesome murder in his home/trailer and is able to clean up any trace evidence all the while leaving his home/garage looking like an episode of hoarders, hides her vehicle at the front of the salvage yard with the skill of a 4 year old instead of crushing/dismantling the vehicle and burns the body in his own backya
  8. Holy crap, Hixter takes umbrage with part of the article and you see that as a slight aimed at you. For the record, that exact paragraph sent my derp meter past 10 when I read it too.
  9. Don't Let Me Down Help She came in through the bathroom window Long, long, long The Ballad of John and Yoko
  10. I'm pretty sure you'd get banned or at least a time out for posting like that. I do like your style and would gladly sign up for your news letter.
  11. I blame this all on the Mountainbed dude...
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