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  1. Um, wow. I've been away from the board for a really long time, and even when I was here, I was mostly a lurker. Still, reading about Nat's death is stunning. I always enjoyed her posts, the Sentient Action Figures, and her outlook on life. My thoughts and prayers go out to those of you who were close to here, and hope you've found peace.
  2. WFPK is also fond of playing a special hour of "the Uncle Tupelo family tree" anytime Wilco, Jay Farrar, Jay Bennet, etc come to town.
  3. Cook's Illustrated, and I'm going to subscribe to Interweave Crochet as soon as it's available. We also get Time, although I don't know why, and it's due to run out this month, I think. My husband's uncle subscribed us to a couple of firearms magazines for Christmas a couple of years ago and didn't even tell us about it! About 6 months later his uncle asked which one he liked better... I had thrown most of them out without looking at them, because I knew my husband didn't want them anyway.
  4. The reviews I've read of this have not been favorable. One Two
  5. Here's the review from the local paper: Courier Journal Review Enthusiastic Wilco shines shines at Iroquois at Iroquois By Paul Curry Special to The Courier-Journal Wilco's Sunday night appearance at the Iroquois Amphitheatre was an expensive gamble. With tickets pushing the $30 mark in a venue subject to the whims of the weather and a music community that has fallen out of the habit of seeing high-ranking national acts, everybody involved, from the promoters to the patrons and performers, had a lot on the line. But while the stakes were high, the night came through like an inside straight. The weather was astonishingly perfect. The show sold out, and the band played with an enthusiasm that suggested a kind of disbelief in the circumstances. Jeff Tweedy, Wilco's lead singer/songwriter, complimented the venue and expressed an uncharacteristic humility for the opportunity to play here. Wilco's set leaned heavily on material from its two most recent studio albums, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and "A Ghost is Born," where the band's sound has taken a shift away from straight alt-country into more experimental territory. With former Sonic Youth collaborator Nels Cline playing lead guitar, the band's affinity for noisy bridges and breakdowns was assured, and while Tweedy's lyrics sometimes suggest Brill Building standards, his underlying message has become more ironic and dark. Tweedy's attitude toward performance came through with a dose of cognitive dissonance, for instance. At one point he sang, "I got a million better things to do than to play rock and roll for you," but later, as an aside, he lamented that he wished he could be David Lee Roth circa the heyday of Van Halen. On the other hand, the band's sound is arguably more aggressive and less accessible than any standard definition of rock 'n' roll, so maybe his point is that he is playing something else. At the end of the second encore, Tweedy encouraged audience members to scream as loud as they could in order to become "unburdened" and to achieve a hoarseness that might help them avoid talking to co-workers on Monday. The subsequent roar might have been heard county-wide. The 40-minute opening set by Early Day Miners, an eight-piece band with two drummers and four guitars, was highlighted by two 10-minute-plus instrumentals that pulsed and raged with pounding rhythms and subtle textures, resulting in a wild intensity as well as a contrary lulling calm.
  6. Hey Jeremy!!! How have you been?
  7. I wasn't planning on going to Gomez. I'm all out of concert funds, with Wilco twice this last weekend and My Morning Jacket coming up in November. Let me know if you want to meet up! ~Kelley
  8. Hey, I live in Germantown! I've been to a few Live Lunches. They have such a great little performance space. If they could get JT to do one... There have been a few bigger names that they've done that were members only to avoid a mob. I didn't get a Jay Bennet flyer, but he's playing Uncle Pleasant's on Oct 23 (Monday). Where do you live now? You must be close enough to keep coming to shows. When do you think you'll get in town Thursday? Maybe my husband and I could meet you for a beer? I saw at least one taper, maybe two.
  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I think Louisville's really underrated, but I'm biased since I live here. Come back and spend more time, and maybe I can show you around some (that goes for anyone else too).
  10. I don't think many VCers were at this one... It was pretty good. I didn't get a set list (oops), but it was similar to the Tall Stacks show, with the addition of Jesus Christ for President, Poor Places/ Reservations (and probably some others), and they didn't play Forget the Flowers. When the band came back after the girl threw her panties, he asked her, "Was that you? I'm mortified for you." But then said it was "refreshing" and like "the glory days." I'm not good at reviews, so I'll leave it at that for now, and maybe I'll try to reconstruct a setlist. mchchef, I'm glad you enjoyed our city!
  11. Jen, when will you be there? I live in Louisville, about an hour and a half south, and, depending on the day, could maybe meet you somewhere. I will confess that I don't know much about Indy, but I'm sure the hotel will have lots of info. ~Kelley
  12. I'm going to Louisville the next night too!!! You can buy tickets to get in at the gate. It's a 5 day general admission pass for $25, and you can't buy one day passes. I've never heard of it selling out.
  13. I might see Old Crow. I'm taking a friend of mine who hasn't heard Wilco or any of the other bands. If it's not AC/DC, Kiss, or Aerosmith, he probably hasn't heard it...
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