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  1. For those of us not in the know, can we get a hint? I am seriously on the fence to going and need a bit of a nudge. And in terms of local acts I wish would play, I would love to see The Lemonheads or my favorite band, Buffalo Tom.
  2. You are right, my bad. Still, to brand them as a "nob-twiddling Beach Boys" is just so inaccurate on many levels. Have you actually heard Sung Tongs, Campfire Songs, Here Comes the Indian, or even Feels? I am not saying this to sound negative and it probably sounds that way, but you should really check out some of their older stuff or at least re-visit it if you already checked it out in the past. Yes it does.
  3. I do not get the Beach Boys comparison at all. Is there an influence? Sure thing, but no more or less then there is an influence from other sources (Pink Floyd, solo Syd Barret, Grateful Dead, etc.) that is unless you are talking about Person Pitch only. Solace, if the apparent Beach Boys rip has been your biggest pet peeve then you should check out their earlier stuff, namely Sung Tongs, Here Comes the Indian and Campfire Songs. You can also check out Spirit . . . if you want but it might be pretty difficult to get through. It is essentially a love or hate it album.
  4. Frightened Rabbit's "Midnight Organ Fight" REQUIRES more love!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I am VERY familiar with Portland as my wife and I go there about twice a year. You really want to check out Bull Moose Music. They are a large indie music chain in Maine and New Hampshire. They have two locations, one downtown (Middle Street location) and in South Portland which is near the malls (South Portland/Scarborough location). If you can only hit one, go with the South Portland/Scarborough location as it is quite big and they have a very good selection of CDs (new and used), boxed sets, vinyl and even video games and DVDs. The staff are top shelf as well. YOu can get more info he
  6. I really do not get the Shins reference. MMJ, yes. The Shins, no.
  7. Thanks a lot for posting that. Man that was a great performance.
  8. I missed this and I cannot find it on Youtube or any torrent sites. Does anyone know where I can view this performance?
  9. Awesome news! It is my favorite song on the album!
  10. This is a very excellent disc. People should really check this out.
  11. LOL. What did you expect? A blow job or something for giving a half-assed answer?!
  12. Yeah you do. It been up on that pig site for about a month now.
  13. Have you listened to their new album yet? It is to what Beyond is for Dinosaur Jr. Nothing ground breaking, but an amazingly consistant and great rock\pop album.
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