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MP3 Wilco show exchange?

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So I was thinking.... the current system of Bit Torrent and lossless compression is a great thing, but can be pretty unwieldy for people like me who have a hard time with Bit Torrent (coming from a .edu domain or maybe a company firewall) and/or mainly listen to songs on iTunes or an mp3 player. I'm not burning audio CDs and listening to them on my hi-fidelity stereo system, and storing lots of FLAC and WAV files is prohibitive for me given the amount of space on my computer.


I'm guessing there are other people like me out there. So why not forget about Bit Torrent or sending CDs in the mail, and just use something easy like Yousedit to exchange shows? We could do this semi organized, where we have 5-10 people sign up and offer a different Wilco show via Yousendit or similar service. The links could be sent among the group first, and when everyone involved has a chance to download, the link could be posted here for anyone else who wants them. Of course there's a good chance that many shows would be ones that we might already have, but given that it's so easy to make a .zip file of mp3s and upload them, it's not like anyone is expending a huge effort. Alternatively, we could just have a thread where people could upload links to shows, which would be less red tape, but maybe also less incentive for people to post.


We should probably have a few common sense guidelines... like:

* only complete shows unless the complete show does not exist

* songs should be reasonably annotated (song name, disc #, track # at minimum) for iTunes

* avoid recordings with known sound issues if better ones are known to exist

* mp3s should not be burned to audio CD and entered back in the trading pool that way - most traders wont take them anyway

* avoid very recent shows where the taper has requested no mp3 encoding


Would there be any interest in this? And if so, would people prefer a semi-organized system ot a free-for-all thread for posting links?

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Sounds like a great idea. I have plenty of shows that I have converted to mp3 and tagged properly for my ipod. Another idea I have, if you have an aim account. There is 2 ways to send things. One is goto file > transfer , but thats ridiculously slow. BUT if you click on add picture then change your settings for all files instead of pictures in the add files directory, you can send it as fast as your bandwidth will allow you. If anyone is interested in sending shows via zip on aim, my SN is gwilly17... I work full time sitting on a computer, so you can usually find me online 9 to 5

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I think this is a great idea. I discovered the world of Wilco boots through the MP3's on the Grotto and I think setting something similar up here would be great for people who are just getting started out and don't know the ins and outs of torrenting or trading. And there's no reason why FLAC files couldn't be YSIed for the hardcore audiofiles as well.


Count me in.



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I'm all over this, too. I've tried doing BTs on several occasions and think I almost have it (it's on my computer, but I can't open it properly) and am frustrated with it (even though it's the best quality).


Count me in.

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2003-09-08 Bumbershoot, Seattle WA

2004 -05-20 DeKalb, IL

American Stars in Bars (not sure date(s) or location)

2005-10-29 Chicago Auditorium

Foellinger Auditorium ( U of Illinois) 2005 something

06-3-12 Langerado

McDonald Theatre (not sure on date)

YHF Demos

Summerfest '06



those are my live shows all properly tagged for itunes. PM IM if interested

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Now that it's off the ground a bit, this topic might best be served in the Greatest Lost Track of All Time forum, where folks go to trade, eh?


Good idea. I'll start a thread


edit: http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=23301


all my shows are at home.. I'll bring some into work tomorrow and upload them

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