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Does anyone have an idea as to why only some of the shows scheduled to go on sale tomorrow are listed on the tickets page?
I'm wondering the same thing.


Springfield, MO isn't listed. Hopefully by morning.

It now says the Ole Miss show presale wont be tomorrow. I really dont want to skip class if they change it.
This concerns me:


On site: "Wilcoworld pre-sale begins Wednesday, August 23 @ 10 a.m. CDT Click here to buy tickets."


Once you click: "Tickets for this event go on sale Wednesday, August 23rd at 10:00 AM Eastern Time."




Especially since I already moved a meeting twice to accomodate.....

Also some of the listed dates have the presale starting at 11am and not the 10am

like on the tour page???



Why is this so complicated?

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Why is this so complicated?



This link may help us with the time differences... Tour page has 10am CDT

which in my time zone would be 11am EDT... I hope this will help the rest of ya'll to purchase tixs...

I so wanta get tixs to Huntsville, like the rest so wants tixs to their shows...

I wish us all luck!! :rock


Time Zone

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Looks like they fixed it -- on the tix page:


Tickets for this event go on sale Wednesday, August 23rd at 10:00 AM Central Time.


*This is for the Witchita show -- not sure about the others.

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Anybody know what's up with Springfield? I ran home from work to buy tickets at 10:00, and the Springfield show isn't listed on the Music Today page at all....even though the Wilco tour page still says the pre-sale starts today at 10. It's not that hard to confuse me...but this is definitley doing it!

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Just got my tickets 10 minutes ago for the Ft. Worth show. I have never been able to get in on the pre-sale before, usually have to hope there are tickets left at the local record store.



Good seats? Looks like wilcoworld's out of tix now.

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