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The Soft Drugs...free music

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I'm assuming that it's you singing, you sound like a deeper version of Neil Young.


edit: this isn't really my type of music, but it's very good. the sound quality is impressive and the songs are all sharp and thought out. I like the weird percussive/reggae breakdowns and vocal harmonies in there.


yeah, i have always gotten the neil young comparison. i definitely hear it too. if i could pick, i'd rather sing like e costello, but i _am_ a huge neil young fan.


thanks for checking it out and the compliment. it's definitely borderline nerdy-music-geek type stuff, but i am working on some new material that is a bit more easy to follow.

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Szabo - The "ction" thing is a bad play on my name (sean). I don't think Fifteen played any part in it, except maybe subconsciously. I do own Swain's First Bike Ride and the second album whose title currently escapes me though. Although, to be honest, I prefer my Jeff Ott with a healthy side of Aaron Cometbus.


Peel - As I find out more about Mr. Peel over the years, I only grow to like him even more.


Pedro guy - You're kinda alright, you know that? For a street-teaming SOB, that is.

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Gunther Murphys? (R.I.P.)




that was it. thanks. it closed?


they ridiculously offered me $500 to play there. i arranged it to coincide with my move across country so i could do it.


that's probably why they went out of business. offering dudes who don't draw shit $500!!!


the best part of the show was that mark mallman was on the bill. i wasn't too into his songs, but he was a hilariously entertaining performer.

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