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Favorite post 1980 Neil Young Record

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I like em all except Are You Passionate and Landing On Water. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Ragged Glory because I listen to it the most. Sleeps With Angels is also great but too down for regular spins.


PS~ I just bought The NYA - BluRay. Now all I need is a BR player and a T.V. B)

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Have to admit I'm a little shocked about the lack of love for "Freedom". I know many people stated they liked it but I just thought it was considered an obvious classic by all Neil fans. That will teach me to jump to conclusions. Great to hear the other opinions. Makes me want to run out and listen to Weld.

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I have always thought the "Freedom" through "Silver and Gold" period was one of the most fertile for Neil. As a PJ fan, I am partial to "Mirror Ball" and go back to that album often ("I'm The Ocean" is one of my favorite tunes of all time), but, to me, besides the bit of redundancy with "Year of the Horse", these are all great albums.

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