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The best soul song since 1980?

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Nice! My first thought was Send It On, but then I remembered it's based heavily off of a '70s Kool & The Gang song, so I can't count it (and the song itself really lost points since I found out about the near-sampling involved - just call a cover a cover. But then again it makes me wonder if I have a double standard of giving hip hop a pass where I wouldn't with a soul artist).


Send It On:


Sea of Tranquility:



Either way, Untitled is a helluva choice.

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idk if id go that far but ive been obsessed with this for a few weeks now

i liked the original but this version blows it aways. ive loved both of kaceys albums so far but this makes me think shes got a great pop turn in her if she wants to make it

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I do love that D'Angelo song. I'd throw a little love towards Sexual Healing too.


Another great one:




Not a straight up soul song, but Purple Rain is one of the all time greats.

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