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    this is curiously ambiguous "this format" could mean its the only physical format, only vinyl format, only particular color of vinyl. I love record stores but hate record store day, so i'll hold out hope theres a regular cd release eventually. i'll be pretty disappointed if the RSD exclusive is truly the only physical release
  2. well thats about as unexciting as a reissue can possibly be. although to be fair i guess jeffs book can be considered the wilco nostalgia project for 2018, and wanting summerteeth deluxe as well is perhaps greedy
  3. i havent been keeping up with any interviews and whatnot lately but has there been any indication of another archival project this fall? summerteeth would seem next in line if theres untapped material there, but maybe still just a distant plan?
  4. the alternate takes are only on the second disc of the deluxe edition. the single disc version (the proper "album," for all intents and purposes,) has no repeat tracks
  5. cate also has a solo album on the way, i believe, and some sort of residency collab thing with bradford cox. shes really pumping out material these last few years
  6. safe as milk is his safest (no pun intended) work. pretty much a straightforward blues album but still completely beefheart mirror man (sort of a sister album to safe as milk) takes that formula and stretches the songs out a bit theyre the albums that really made him click for me
  7. not really any more so than odelay, midnite vultures, guero or the information
  8. yeah i love that i like sad bastard beck too but i really hope this isnt another case of him teasing us with a few fun singles followed by a mopey album
  9. idk if id go that far but ive been obsessed with this for a few weeks now i liked the original but this version blows it aways. ive loved both of kaceys albums so far but this makes me think shes got a great pop turn in her if she wants to make it
  10. probably too late, but i wouldnt recommend doing this. what little melted yesterday is back to slush and ice today. i thought the busier roads would at least be clear this morning but its a mess all around northern virginia. lanes closed, exits still completely blocked by snow, jackasses in trucks assuming everyone can handle the snow just fine, etc.
  11. the cubs gave him two opt outs though, which would likely be far more lucrative than any difference in guaranteed money now. look what greinke did with his opt out. heyward could make a ~$20 million difference seem like nothing if he opts out in three years and cashes in again. i like heyward but im glad the nats got outbid (or strategically underbid, whatever the case). so much of his value is in defense and the hope that he might still become the elite power bat he was projected as. having said that, if money is no issue hed make just about any team better. cubs look pretty impressive r
  12. why would stevie nicks be a guilty pleasure? shes fantastic, solo or with fleetwood mac
  13. and most of that questioning came after incidents like headbutting the dodger stadium wall at 20 mph in a blowout game. he cant win either way so ill take a full healthy season with video game numbers if it means jogging out easy pop ups here and there its a long season. i support the sentiment but expecting 110% on every play for 6 months is delusional. you have to recognize the situation and pick and choose when to go all out. all players do, harper just hears it more when he does. there are plenty of guys ive seen who deserve to be scolded for lack of effort far more than bryce. papelbon
  14. anyone else remember when the conversation was about bryce harper hustling too much, and how he needed to rein it in or hed never have sustained success in the big leagues it was as recently as last year if anyones forgotten, coincidentally the year before he went apeshit as a hitter
  15. as for the mvp, id like to see mlb promote the hank aaron award more heavily, as an award given purely for offensive numbers. then the mvp can be more open to pitching, defense, or every sportswriters favorite buzzword: intangibles. as is, the aaron award seems to be given during the world series as an afterthought
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