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Live Broadcast & Stream Tonight (11/16) on The Current & Listening party here

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Wilco are closing out their 2017 touring schedule with three back-to-back-to-back shows at the Palace Theatre here in St. Paul. The shows are super sold out — but if you don't have tickets, we are not trying to break your heart. In fact, we've got a radio cure.


Tonight — Thursday, Nov. 16 — starting at 7 p.m. CST, join host Mark Wheat live from the Palace Theatre as we bring you the broadcast of Wilco in concert. Not only can you hear the concert in its entirety, we'll also have streaming video available.


We are so grateful to Wilco for pairing up with us to bring you what will be a very special concert. Join us! Find all the details at thecurrent.org.

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Thanks for posting this! Online listening party commences as soon as the feed begins. Wilco about 8:30 pm. St Paul time. (CST)


Chips and dip on the rear table, party hats and blow-outs to the right, drinks in the big steel cooler on the left. Help yourselves. 

Thanks, Wilco!


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Yo Drew! Help yourself to a beer! They sound pretty wonderful, don't they? Every time I'm amazed anew! 


There are spiced nuts there in the silver dish. Good to see you. I was beginning to think I was the only one not actually at the venue!

Love that intro, I actually didn’t know what song it was going to be, sounds great!


I love how the songs keep evolving and surprising!

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