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Live Broadcast & Stream Tonight (11/16) on The Current & Listening party here

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If anyone has a link to an mp3 rip of this, it would be greatly appreciated. 


This just took place LAST NIGHT. Even if someone did record this, it's common courtesy to give them 24, 48, maybe even 72 hours or more to get it formatted, uploaded and shared before requesting it. Some "tapers" might have other items on their to-do list of everyday life other than immediately getting a rip of a webstream up less than 24 hours after it takes place. 


That being said, if you check out the "Greatest Lost Track of All Time" forum here (which is where you should always check first!) you'll find that there's a torrent up at Dime a Dozen:




It's not an MP3 rip, but it's a start. And, FYI, the webcast is currently available on YouTube here:



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