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Your Wilco Tattoo

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Now I'm not really a tattoo person myself, though I can admire them on other people...just not my particular thing. But I was thinking the other day about tattoos that are expressions or phrases, and I was wondering what bit of Jeff's lyrics I would choose if I were to have a Wilco-inspired tattoo done. So many spring to mind...that boy can really turn a phrase!


I haven't decided on my imaginary tattoo yet, though I'm leaning toward "Exactly what do you want me to be?"  :P


So my question to you all out there in WilcoLand is this: If you got a tattoo of a phrase from Wilco's lyrics, what phrase would it be? Where would you put it?

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"What you once were isn't what you want to be -- anymore."  It would likely be a neck tattoo :).


That would wrap all the way around!


I'd get a humming bird with "Remember to remember me" in Old English below it and the initials of one of my dead homies.

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I don't like tattoos either but mine would be: "Outside, I look lived in" and, because of the saying, it would probably be appropriate anywhere on my body, particularly my stomach.

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