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The Last Waltz tour 2019

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I'm sure it would be a fun show whatever are we piling on Robbie Robertson I'm in.


In the recent documentary on Trey Anastasio from Phish he brutally mocks Robbie for the line in the Last Waltz about quitting touring after 17 years. "17 years, are you kidding me? I'm gonna do this forever." What a fucking doosh. Put on a scarf, brush your hair, pretend to sing, then wait until your drummer dies before releasing your memoir in which you insinuate that he's an anti-semite. Do some more blow with Scorcese. 

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Maybe I'm cynical but this reeks of soulless cash grab. Feels like typical Robbie.

They've been doing this for several years in some form or another. During JazzFest in NOLA and I think at the Cap Theater, I don't think they've taken it on the road before but I could be mistaken.  Anyhow, I'm in for Boston. Some may call it a cash grab, but I'm looking forward to seeing Warren (I'll see him do anything) with Modeski, Don Was, Cyril Neville, Terrance Higgins, et al play the Last Waltz. The music is timeless and I'm pretty certain I'll have a great night. 

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