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Wilco featured in The Ultimate Music Guide from the makers of Uncut Magazine

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This special issue should be available at newsstands this Thursday in both the U.K. & the U.S., but I’d give it a few days to appear in the U.S.


Or you can purchase the special issue here: https://www.yourcelebritymagazines.com/collections/uncut/products/wilco-the-uncut-ultimate-music-guide-magazine-july-2020?fbclid=IwAR1ERC9v4kXp7eQgK90G6s5t0Aek7H5c_9rBSJ44dHL6XZDtQw_b3fguAbg


It seems that I can't upload pictures on here. I keep getting a "the server returned an error during upload" message. And the pic is under 1MB.

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Nice! I hope I can find that at the local Barnes & Noble.

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Finally got this in the mail after ordering it more than a month ago. Unfortunately, it had dark smudges on the top corner of every page. Anybody else have the same problem?


Anyway, looking forward to diving into this. I skimmed through it. Looks like a lot of interesting articles through Wilco’s history. It was amusing to see that the Uncle Tupelo article says there’s no acrimony among the members while other articles mention the bitter split.

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All the articles and interviews included are reprints from previous editions of the magazine.  The album reviews are new, but are inconsistent in tone and sometimes the historical context is contradictory as they've been passed amongst their journo pool and divvied up.


My one real gripe is that the side projects chapter is woefully inadequate - it notes the Nels has made 'over a 150 albums' but fails to note any of them or give any context to his career outside of Wilco!  (He's constantly referred to as 'the avant guitarist'). 


It's generally a 'nice thing to have' all in one edition, but any fans with a decent knowledge of the band won't find much new titbits information they don't already know.  

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