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Yea - back on topic.


I re-watched that so-called lost black and white 1970 film from Europe the other day. I love watching how Jerry answers those questions at that party or whatever it was. I wonder who that girl with the dark eye shadow is that was often seen taking photographs.


I think next to the Alligator Strat period my favorite Jerry sound is when he was playing that SG.

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Jonah is a good choice, but not sure how they'll handle the singing and guitar playing - dub in Jon Mayer? Not a fan of rock biopics, but Scorcese did some interesting things with the recent fictional

I like the interviews. It was quite something to listen to someone read the letters Pigpen wrote to his family.

Seriously, I say that for everyone of these shows

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I was listening to the latest season of the Deadcast and they were talking with some of the people from the Stanford AI lab.  After a minute I realized one of them is the dude who lives across the street from me.  He's away for a bit but I can't wait to see him when he gets back.  I had no idea about his involvement in early online Dead stuff.        

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A tape of the late show of Garcia & Saunders (11/5/74) in NY where legend has that John Lennon attended has surfaced in the usual sites. You can hear John's voice commenting on the show!


Jerry Garcia's middle finger explains the thing



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