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  1. Does anyone know specifically who is opening for who on the 3 (think it's 3) show run with Trampled by Turtles? Wilcoworld, Trampled's site, and the Treasure Island site are kinda ....vague. Obviously I'm looking directly at the Treasure Island show in Welch, MN. I can't imagine living in a world where Wilco opens for TBT, but they are from Minnesota so ????
  2. Just adding to the headcount involving "Dark Star" ?!?!?!
  3. My friend's band (Jim Pullman Band) covers Jesus, Etc.
  4. Anybody know the specifics of Target's "Deluxe Edition"? Thought I heard something about access to live downloads (??????)
  5. I guess when I say the Vikings are taking a risk, what I really mean is they are risking that the arm/shoulder holds up. That seems to be the big question. ZenLunatic ... I wholeheartedly agree with you from the perspective that I as a fan appreciate loyalty. But I think the days of expecting it from an athlete are gone. And yes, Bulls/Wizards is not Packers/Vikings. Believe me, I hate the Queens with every fiber of my being. I'm just saying that Jordan playing with a team other than the Bulls is overall a bigger deal than Favre suiting up for someone other than the Pack.
  6. Loyalty, preserving his legacy, blah blah blah. Doesn't mean anything in sports any more. Perfect post, Speed Racer. Jordan played for the Wizards, but when we think of him, don't we really focus on his Bulls days? I'm both a Packer fanboy and a Favre fanboy. The season will be played and life will move on. Favre's legacy won't be tarnished. The biggest risk here is really for the Vikings. I also look at it this way ... if Jim McMahon can put on a Packer helmet, Favre can put on a Viking helmet even if it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
  7. You're right. Mandy Moore is too good for him. She should come shack up with me.
  8. Wow. I forgot how that may have been the most offensive/funniest discussion ever at VC. Possibly the best thread ever. Now if we could just revive the debate over whether "Hell Is Chrome" is one song or two.
  9. I've always liked the Orpheum; I guess it's just a little too small now for Wilco (??)
  10. bldad

    Midwest in July?

    From a purely selfish standpoint, Wilco as a band hasn't played Mpls/St. Paul since, what ..... October 2004? There was Tweedy solo in November '05, and a couple of Wilco shows in Minnesota since then, but I don't remember a single Wilco show in the Twin Cities since then.
  11. As a borderline Gomez fanboy, I have to admit to being very disappointed with this one. I have no problem with an artist/group going a little more mellow or poppier, but you still need some kind of melody you can latch on to or at least an identifiable hook. This disc is severely lacking in both departments.
  12. Phish March 8th, 2009 Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA I: Sanity; Wilson; Foam; Bathtub Gin; Undermind; AC/DC Bag; My Friend, My Friend; Scent of a Mule; All of These Dreams; Maze; She Still Thinks I Care (George Jones cover); Tube; Cars, Trucks, Buses; Free; Frankenstein II: Down With Disease>Jam>Seven Below: The Horse>Silent In The Morning; Twist>2001; Moma Dance: While My Guitar Gently Weeps>Wading in the Velvet Sea; Slave to the Traffic Light E: Trey Speech: Happy Birthday to Leonard; Contact; Bug; Tweezer Reprise
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