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  1. Probably not. My whinedar isn't all that sensitive. TV taping...well now, that's a national audience, not just the cocaine and boob job set. No offense to any cocaine or boob job afficionados intended.
  2. Jeez. All this whining over a phantom encore. Any day with some live Wilco is better than just about any other day anywhere else. Nobody has mentioned what a beautiful transition "Poor Places" made from OSM to the rest of the show.
  3. Just wanted to comment on Nick Lowe. I had seen a couple of recent TV appearances, and was kind of put off at the mellower tone he's adopted in later years, and his voice being much softer and less snarly than in his 80s radio heyday. In hindsight I was a jerk, because last night he put on a very tight, entertaining show. He worked the crowd like a pro, sang and played with feeling, and blended new stuff and old favorites. (In short, everything we're accusing Wilco of not doing...). And the good acoustics meant you could hear and understand all of his witty lyrics.
  4. I kind of go with the flow when it comes to sitting/standing. My preference is to sit more than stand, but if the rows in front of me stand, so will I. But if there's one guy standing in a section of sitters, that guy's probably just being obstinate. I didn't really notice the low room energy, but I haven't been to a Wilco show for about five years, and my last one was at an outdoor festival-type setting. But looking back, I think the venue contributed a lot to it with the classy-yet-modern opera house decor, muted lighting, sound dampening construction, padded/reclining seats, etc. And
  5. This was the first Wilco show I've been to since they toured for AGIB. Egads that was over three albums ago! This show definitely drew heavily on the last four albums. I thought it was a great mix of the "angular" stuff and the more traditional. I was kind of surprised to not hear anything from Being There, which used to provide several staples of the live show. "Passenger Side" got a good reaction, but I wouldn't mind if they skipped this one next time -- it's such a throwaway. There are better songs on AM in my view. I was in the forward middle section, and we were up and down all n
  6. Tickets still available. I just bought one through Ticketbastard.
  7. It's been a long time since I've posted here. After SBS, I kind of put Wilco aside for a while in favor of some other music. When I heard about the new record I started paying attention again, and since "Wilco (The Song)" on Colbert last year, the Tonight Show performance was the first I've heard of the new stuff. Gotta say I am not excited about it. It sounds to me like the mellower parts of SBS. I'm just not a fan of the band's current mellow direction. I realize we can't expect "Misunderstood" on every record, especially as these guys get into their middle age. I'm just saying this w
  8. I like Jay's songwriting, esp. in combination with Jeff. I also miss his guitar playing. Nels' droning, screeching solos just don't do it for me. I've liked each successive Wilco album less and less since Jay left. Just my opinion.
  9. Zero wait time, 9:15 am, Mechanicsville, Virginia. Paper fill-in-the-circle ballot. No black panthers or Obama supporters. Couple of middle-aged McCain guys outside offering "sample ballots."
  10. I go through phases where I get tired of bands, and Wilco is no exception. I'm coming off about 6 months of totally ignoring Wilco. Whenever this happens, Summerteeth is the record that always brings me back. But I love AM too, and YHF and BT also. BT, ST, and YHF are one the strongest album triumvirates by any band ever.
  11. Didn't he have some part in The X-Files as well? Funny that his two best-known roles were the same rank (Major).
  12. c53x12


    She's currently in the movie "Enchanted". She was also the girl who marries Leonardo DiCaprio's character in "Catch Me If You Can."
  13. c53x12


    If you can't learn to spell "unlikely" then you should probably stop adopting song lyrics that use that word for your handle.
  14. c53x12


    I finally got around to watching the SNL performances on TiVo last night (for that alone I probably deserve to be flamed by the hardcore), but I have to say I was disappointed. On the positive side, it's the first time I've seen the band on video in HD with 5.1 surround, and the picture and sound were wonderful and vibrant. But the song selection? OK, I like "Hate It Here", but "Walken" is just a lame song. If I was only casually acquainted with Wilco, and formed an opinion off these performances alone, I would say this band had jumped the shark. I get the whole appeal to the mainstream t
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