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  1. thats what i figured. interesting idea but i think it does a disservice to some of the quieter songs. im sure id like some of them more if they were scattered between the more interesting tracks. as it is, i get bored towards the end of this album. dont see myself playign disc two a whole lot unfortunately. def enjoy the first half of this though.
  2. where? the only recent reissues i can see on amazon or discogs are on radioactive and phoenix records, which are actually the same bootleg label and the internet is telling me to avoid them
  3. theres a bunch of good songs on here but it seems very poorly sequenced, especially towards the end. ill withhold judgment cuz maybe it has to do with the split between two discs, but right now it seems like this is an insanely frontloaded album. i see myself playing disc 1 a lot more than 2. and the last song really bugs me. jeff has always been great at ending albums but this closing track just falls flat for me. its such an emotionally heavy album, i feel like it should come to a satisfying conclusion but it really doesnt for me.
  4. push the sky away bad as me come to mind immediately i might be alone in ranking these two so high in each dudes discography but the fact that you can even make a case for them being top of the line material is amazing enough
  5. pat was only at the dc show. they said he flew in from chicago right before the 930 club show. hes playing a solo opening set at iota in arlington tonight apparently. i wont be there though cuz i havent been too impressed by pats own stuff he was cool at the big star show. played a lot of guitar, sang a few songs (including feel and i am the cosmos) and looked happy to be involved. thats all ive got, but the big star show was an incredible evening of music. it was nice to see pat but his presence there didnt really mean anything to me to be honest. part of my skepticism regarding tribute
  6. i think respecting the author/sites wishes by just posting a link and maybe a short preview is more important than saving full text articles for posterity, especially on the day its posted (when its not going anywhere and the site is expecting the majority of its clicks), but its not my forum i guess
  7. it keeps people from clicking the link and reading the article on the site which is how most sites measure which writers attract readers and will therefore get paid accordingly
  8. at this point i dont get why fans are still clamoring for a zeppelin tour plants made it very clear hes not interested in playing led zeppelin shows so why people still seem so eager to spend hundreds of dollars to see him mail it in is beyond me
  9. gaga girls moonlight gimme fiction sneaks transference telephono good band. telephonos the only one id call mediocre. havent heard any of the new songs yet cuz ive gotten kinda tired of hering half an album before it comes out. spoon's as reliable as they come imo so i dont feel i need to hear anything ahead of time to buy it
  10. is sweetheart really that out of place among their other country rock albums? i do think its better (not their best though. i love gram but as the byrds go gene clark is the guy for me) but i dont think it fits in this thread
  11. the press release said sept 16. i imagine theres no chance theyll sell it this early
  12. http://skylanternrecords.bandcamp.com/album/solkurva-kr-k-en-b-j Centralstödet - Solkurva, Krök, En Böj RIYL - weed and beer (or at least the sound thereof) fuzzed out instrumental guitar jams best $6 ive spent in a while
  13. i kinda agree i still would have bought tickets to the dc show but im a bit disappointed that its not jeff solo. im obviously intrigued by the new lineup and i dont regret my purchase at all, just would have been nice to know exactly what i was buying tickets for when i bought them. minor qualm i guess but its an odd way to promote shows imo.
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