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  1. I think Curtis Mayfield's "Keep on Keeping on" has the best opening a song can have. "everybody gather 'round and listen to my song..."
  2. My first Hemingway experience. Pretty enticing.
  3. I know lots of us dug the Horse Feathers record, but no big time outlets really are giving them props. Which is a shame, because it is the album that has gotten easily the most plays of all the new albums I purchased. Nouns put me to sleep, and I burned out on Fleet Foxes, but Horse Feathers keeps going back in the cd player.
  4. Yeah, I came off I-81 and went through Roanoke to get to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  5. The trip lasted 6 days. I could have done it in 5, but then I wouldn't have met Wendy in Maryland, and she was a really awesome host. It was good to take my time and see some things, anyway. I'll tell you, that guy was crazy about his cans! No cans made after 1975, no aluminum cans, domestics on one wall, imports on the other, all in alphabetical order. There was even a can of Wilco beer (I kid you not) but the picture came out very poorly.
  6. A little history: I'm from New Jersey. This past June I moved to Los Angeles. Not much later I landed an internship with the New Hampshire Conservation Corps that starts in January, so I decided to move back east. The trip was pretty amazing. I'm sure some of you may know of the website couchsurfing.com. If you are a serious traveler, go and check it out now. Go. Its a networking site where travelers can find places to stay in people's homes (that's not a very good description.) I lined up a bunch of houses across the country for my latest trek. It was an amazing experience. It see
  7. My take: The Satriani song is by no means any kind of stretch of imagination regarding harmony or melody. Its pretty standard stuff. Its entirely possible for somebody else to stumble upon that combination of chords/melody because its very rudimentary. I could see if someone came out with something that was so close to, say, a Thelonious Monk or Ornette Coleman composition, there would be no question it was a ripoff because with those artists there was an expansion of harmony at work in their music; it took a little more than an exercise in major scales, which, at face value, is pretty muc
  8. Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben - Gil e Jorge Wow.
  9. I had a small dinner, a little turkey, some stuffing, some grn. bean stuff and some mashed taters. And about 5 glasses of wine. I was pretty proud of myself, until dessert when I had 4 pieces of pie. Then I came home and worked out HARD for about 20 minutes and damn near gave myself a heart attack. I'm thinking I'm gonna jog 4 miles tomorrow morning as opposed to my usual 3 miles.
  10. I've been reading my arse off for past few weeks.
  11. Mr. T Cereal. I never ate it, I hear it was like a Captain Crunch-type of cereal. It is featured prominently in one of my favorite scenes from "PeeWee's Big Adventure." Good morning Mr. Breakfast!
  12. Haven't been drinking too much beer here on the west coast. They got this stuff over here, and for a cheap beer its smooth and tasty:
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