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  1. Screw that, move em to Turner and make em GA. Pabst in Milwaukee: replacing Otto's in Dekalb for the "2 shows, near-but-not-in Chicago in the spring before a new album" tour kick-off semi-ritual.
  2. Tue Apr 14 '09 (7:30PM) Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater Wed Apr 15 '09 (7:30PM) Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater Thu Apr 16 '09 Bloomington, IN Indiana University - University Auditorium TBA Fri Apr 17 '09 Athens, OH Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium @ Ohio University Sat Apr 18 '09 (8:00PM) Knoxville, TN Historic Tennessee Theatre Mon Apr 20 '09 Athens, GA The Classic Center Grand Hall Tue Apr 21 '09 (8:00PM) Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium TBA Wed Apr 22 '09 (8:00PM) Birmingham, AL Sloss Furnaces Thu Apr 23 '09 Oxford, MS
  3. The Baseball Project "Vol 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails" 1. Past Time 2. Ted Fucking Williams 3. Gratitude (For Curt Flood) 4. Broken Man 5. Satchel Paige 6. Fernando 7. Long Before My Time 8. Jackie's Lament 9. Sometimes I Dream of Willie Mays 10. The Death of Big Ed Delahanty 11. Harvey Haddix 12. The Yankee Flipper 13. The Closer The album is being streamed in its entirety at: http://yeproc.com/artist_info.php?artistId=12539 hit record stores on July 8th: http://www.amazon.com/Frozen-Ropes-Dying-Q...s/dp/B00197U10C "So long ago, so long, Pastime, are you past your prime?"
  4. WILCO fans, for the most part, suck. Have for years now. Worst fans ever, unfortunately. They aren't the only band whose fan-base has gone downhill as they've become more popular. It's almost Newton's 13th law of band popularity--the more popular a band becomes, the worse their fans are. Hold on to the memories of WILCO pre-popularity. WILCO fans were much cooler back then.
  5. WILCO's various classic albums--Summerteeth, YHF--couldn't have come from anywhere else but Chicago in the late 90's, early 00's. The WILCO of those albums and tours has more to do with Champaign, Illinois than St Louis, Missouri, but it's all based in and grew out of Chicago and its rich community of musicians. Chicago doesn't need WILCO, there are plenty of other great bands that call Chicago home, but WILCO most definitely needed Chicago to get to where the band is today.
  6. ATP is returning to it's original and best location, Camber Sands in Rye, for the first ATP 2008 weekend, May 9-11. http://www.atpfestival.com/events/pitchfor...ws.php?view=708 5th October 2007 ATP VS PITCHFORK - MAY 9 - 11 2008 We are happy to announce the first part of the Spring/Summer ATP's. We are also excited to be going back to the original home of ATP back down at Camber Sands, but we are giving fans the best of both worlds by doing one event at Camber and the second weekend at Minehead. As you may well know Portishead has now officially sold out. But fret you not, if you hav
  7. From a 2005 ticketed show at Pritzker: "With only a few minor bumps, it proved an ideal place to hear music and bid farewell to summer. Under architect Frank Gehry's web-work of overhead speakers, there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Lawn tickets went for $10, while seats near the stage were priced at $50. Food was allowed, but drinks--including water bottles--were not. News of that policy didn't reach everyone and 300-some fans chose to stay outside and drink wine they brought. "We tried to call [to find out details]," said Lisa Ellermann, 28, of Wicker Park. "There was an information
  8. I got em from Kot's book. Pages 8, 13 and 420. And from the man himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bw9rFX6igU
  9. Given how drunk/high Tweedy was during the making of 95% of Wilco's music, it's the least he can do to allow us to alter our state while consuming to mirror his at the time of creation. It's a rock show, ferrockinoutloud, let us have our beer...fuggit, a flask and a one-hitter. saul good.
  10. Nah, not every artist will sell out their art for the corporate dollars. The cost of making and distributing a recording has fallen to the point where you no longer need a label to finance it for you. There'll be two kinds of artists: corporate whores and those who do it for the love of music. The Pitchfork approved former will do anything and everything to sustain their fat lives by selling their music to anyone and everyone. The latter will, like T.S. Eliot, rely on a day job or other line of work for their income and produce their art...cuz they still love rock and roll.
  11. 1st pair, tried right at 10 AM: North Terrace, ROW C, Seats 29,31 2nd pair, tried an hour later: North Terrace, ROW CC, Seats 5,7 The 2nd pair are better than the first, aren't they?
  12. Ya think? Yeah, go ahead, I doubt anyone can top that level of air-headed idiocy, even if there are 3 weeks left. The June 2007 Award for most ridiculously laughable rumination on musicians "selling out" goes to: "it's a relief to know that none of them are going to be found dead one day with a note that makes you feel guilty for all the pressure you put on them to live out some impossible ideal of not selling out." (and ya thought this place had drama queens on the selling-out issue. mere ladies in waiting in comparison) 169% Pure Rubbish. It's very hard to achieve that level o
  13. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/22/33
  14. Most people who use standard dvrs provided by their cable/satellite provider don't have the MythTV style automagic ad-skipping software and still watch commercials--and they might rewind and watch the really good ones again/closer. Cable and satellite provided DVRs don't seem to provide the ad-skipping function. Here's how you can add a 30 second skip to your Comcast Motorola DVR remote: The following technique can be used to map an unused or unneeded button on the "silver" remote to the 30-second skip command. Current versions of the i-Guide software will skip forward 30 seconds into a
  15. Check your local listings for Matlock, Murder She Wrote and something called 'the War at Home'.
  16. Wilco does make great records. Judging by these efforts, VW makes the opposite of great commercials. And if you think an over-priced, under-powered, cramped car that breaks down at random is fun to drive, maybe give S&M, marriage or prison a try...all at the same time. is this someone from the ad agency that shit out these turds? I haven't been counting but Diebold has and the votes are ~9 to 1 against these being good ads.
  17. Word is he's now playing at an adult theater on Lincoln.
  18. This is the correct ass-kickin, stripper gf stealin, hip hop reppin motorcycle.
  19. Remember when everyone was real excited and thought it was cool when R.E.M. was on the Bachelor Party soundtrack? Me neither.
  20. Bigger brand: Jesus, the Devil, your grandmother or WILCO? a ze frank classic, riffing on marketing and semiotics: http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2007/01/010406.html one of ze frank's original goof songs: http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2006/05/051106.html When I first watched the show dude seemed to be sick all the time. Found out later he wasn't sick sick that often, just hungover a lot.
  21. WILCO selling its music to VW leaves some with a bad emotional after-taste: http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2006/08/082906.html
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