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  1. Thanks Humming bird...will take your advice
  2. Trying to book flight from Chicago and wondering about the festival hours. Would appreciate information from those of you who've been before. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know if they are going to release this concert on DVD? Would love to have...new material sounds fantastic-even from computer speakers- can't wait till I hear them live
  4. I have a single ticket to the Sept 13th show in Indy and a parking pass. As much as I want to be at that show, I have a paralyzed husband and the caregiver arrangements I set up fell through...I'm stuck here in Chicago. Anyway, I'm offering the ticket and parking pass to anyone who can make the show...just sing along -when invited- for me. First person who replies gets the ticket. Thanks
  5. The Goodman Theatre sound staff must be fans. Wilco was used for Gas for Less and Rebecca Gillman's The Crowd You're In With. Are these the theatre's picks or the playwights? Either way Wilco is reaching a new audience.
  6. Great Show. Think I enjoyed it most of his best fundraiser shows- I loved Jeff's 'nerd' impression...could be derived from Judah Friedlander's Toby Radoff in film American Splendor??? Wish I could attend tonight. Thanks Paul for setlist. And big thank you to Sue
  7. I have to be out of the country during parts of Jan, February and March of 2009 and if possible, Do Not want to be gone during a second Residency. Has anyone heard rumblings? Dates? Any advice/information would be appreciated.
  8. Last night at Steppenwolf theatre's production of Superior Donuts by Tracey Letts they closed with Wilco. The play, set in Uptown, is about a boomer struggling to keep hold of his life , business and meaning in the changing society. He's let things slip and passively watched his life go by until an act of violence causes him to wake and take action. The Wilco song they played as we exited -Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again).Pretty Damn Perfect. Funny, the set had a window out into the street, there was snow , it was set in Uptown and I had been thinking about how much I enjoyed the Riv exp
  9. Arrived half hour early at the Goodman Theatre ( Chicago ) production of 'Gas for Less' of the 6 tracks I heard while waiting for the play to begin three were Wilco-What Light, Ashes and Blue-eyed Soul. I was psyched. Wish the play was as good as the music leading into it!
  10. During a piece on work commutes. the work at home segment used Walken to accompany footage of commuting from breakfast table to home office. I love it when Wilco turns up unexpectedly. Hopefully the SNL contributed to this inclusion. Would love to hear more Wilco in soundtracks etc.
  11. Seriously?? I think I'll be holding my breath until the next show. I've had one of the most creatively productive weeks of my life despite shortened work hours so that I could join the ranks in line and the later hours. I still can't stop smiling. This band is unbelievable. Even after a several day road trips hearing similar set lists the band is exciting every night. Jeff thanked the audience for providing them with a nice life. Well they have seriously contributed to mine and I will do what I can to make every show I can. They just get better- and now they have tons more material to mix in.
  12. When doors opened line was just west of alley on Lawrence- not bad- and line moved pretty quickly
  13. Go! You will be kicking your warm rested self if you miss it.
  14. Agreed. I was in the balcony last night-cause my husband came along and he has recently suffered a stroke... and HE STOOD UP for most of the show. Most of the people on our side of the balcony stood most of the show-one person complained. Always one. I can't sit-impossible. My body can't deal with that much musical energy and slouch in some marginally comfortable seat. I'm alone the next two and I'm on the floor.
  15. Last year the audience seemed a bit more relaxed but Jeff seemed a bit more nervous, his quips nervous interjections. This year the crowd seemed less interactive- could be my seats. Jeff seemed more rehearsed this year, show seemed a bit more formal. Either way it was a great night.
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