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  1. Sound and Fury was very different. His last few records always made a lot of critical year end lists, but I don't know if I saw this one on any - and, no, that doesn't mean an album is good or not - just a big change in reception for this one.
  2. His 2020 album has all short songs, I believe. He likes to do those 'gimmicks.' I bought the recent record with a song about each year of his life, and it's so daunting that I still haven't listened to it. I did eventually get 69 Love Songs and I don't think I ever listened to it all, just because of the task of doing it. Ha. I also do this with deluxe editions of albums I love - I love the albums so much that i want to hear the other stuff, too, but there's so much I don't get around to it. Maybe I'm the only one.
  3. I enjoyed What's the Story from beginning to end. I bought Be Here Now the day it came out at the mall. Back then, MTV would premiere videos and tell you when an album was going to come out. BHN had the date in the artwork. The album is super-bloated. Liam also seemed to really over do the same rhyme-y simple lyrics. If you read the lyrics Noel is putting his brother down through the lyrics - he wrote them and knew Liam would sing them. Pretty funny if you think about it. "Through my big mouth - you could fly a plane..." I like WTSMG so much, but never managed a copy of their debut until a co
  4. I still wonder about the instrumental at the end of Bang and Blame. Does anyone own the box? Do they go on detail about each song? I'm hoping to find the box set cheap sometime, but who knows when that will be. The wikipedia page for the song itself is vague: When the album version of the song finishes, an untitled instrumental featuring tremolo effects on the guitar amp and amplified slap bass techniques follows, lasting approximately 30 seconds from fade in to fade out.
  5. I ordered the double CD through Wilco and I seemed to get multiple download notices. Did they update or change the downloads? Sorta like what Kanye does sometimes - releases an album digitally and then may change the release later. It's been a while, I just happened to think to ask now.
  6. I love demos and love Monster. I have always wondered how long the little instrumental at the end of Bang and Blame is, and if a longer version is on disc 2. I'm not really interested in the remastering. I listened to the remastered Kenneth and it sounded like they cut out one of the nice guitar fx sounds in the chorus. I believe it said in the press release that he actually used different takes and stuff for this 'remastering.' Maybe some of it will sound cool, but I like Monster as it is.
  7. Interesting. Anyone know if this Best Buy exclusive Temple of the Dog CD/LP will require you paying more to have the vinyl shipped to you? They made you pay more with some McCartney reissues. You have to open the product to find out the details. RS Sticky Fingers reissue LP was shipped for no extra cost, but that was Target.
  8. Maybe jumped the gun on saying the 2 or 3 anti-Bush songs. I would have to listen back. They did perform a very angry or passionate Masters of War on TV, maybe Letterman, while Bush was president (I think?). I did not know it was a Dylan song at the time and I was like, "Woah, that is heavy, man!" Ha. I'm not sure why they did the song then. I would have to Google it.
  9. I guess I am supposed to resurrect an old thread instead of starting a new one. Emitt finally released a new album earlier this year called Rainbow Ends. I was curious if anyone has heard this album. I only recently got to hear it and was pleasantly surprised. I think it most sounds like the 70's. With a lot of older musicians you can tell the producers try to put slight Auto-Tune on their vocals. Emitt's voice sounds rich and full and the production and playing is top notch. I would call it mature, sophisticated pop rock? It's similar to stuff Wilco has done at times.
  10. I remember thinking that an AGIB era double album could be made with The Wilco Book material. At one time I really wanted to try to sequence one. I haven't listened to it all in a while to remember what ideas I had.
  11. Hail to the Thief was actually recorded really quickly. I think they only gave themselves a day to record a song. I saw some interview about it the other day. I forget where, an old one. They went to LA and recorded it instead of somewhere in the UK or their home studio. Another time Phil admitted that HTTT is just too long. I like all the tracks in various ways, but it is pretty long. My problem with TKOL is that it's short and 8 tracks and they're not all solid. If they're all solid tracks, then that's great. I've never been big on Morning Mr Magpie, and then to have Feral take up one of t
  12. As much as the band hated Bush as president - I think they had at least 2 or 3 songs about him, maybe more - I wonder if they will start getting really busy if Trump got elected? Ha. I could see Eddie getting really passionate and pissed off about it. Did they write any pro-Obama type songs? When I was thinking about that, I was wondering if they will ever have a double album, kinda like their Exile. A double album of all goods songs pretty much recorded live in studio would be nice. Granted, they pretty much record a lot of it live anyway, I think, the instrumental backing tracks probably.
  13. Are there any rumblings of a bonus track type reissue of Let it Bleed? Walmart has had the CD for $7.99 (I think?). I never see the classic albums of the Stones, Beatles or Pink Floyd - classic bands that will have their stuff carried by Walmart - on sale at Walmart (outside of release week sales maybe). For years I've put off buying a lot of those classic albums because they were marked full retail. Makes me wonder if they're trying to clear it out before a new release.
  14. What are your feelings on the remix/remaster of It Still Moves? I haven't heard any of their pre-Z stuff - Z was the first album I bought. Good reviews and a cheap price made me take a chance on Z (I think it was $7.99 on CD at Best Buy).
  15. Re:CDs Vinyl wears every time you play it. Now vinyl usually costs 2-3x's as much as the CD version, especially if the album exceeds what can fit on one LP. Digital - Computers/hard drives die. I'm sure everyone has lost some music from an older computer. Will all the streaming services catalog all their music for years and years? I'm not sure if CDs have a time limit in regards to the information degrading over time. Seems like I have heard home burned CDs may have a limited shelf life, but I don't know.
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