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  1. I know there is a very slim chance, but looking for 2 for 2/14/16, Charleston WVA. Its my anniversary night, would love to see the show with my wife. Please message me if any possibilities. Thanks in advance!
  2. Got hooked on At Dawn and It still Moves. Like everyone else has said, got hooked on the live shows. It's very interesting to watch Wilco follow an MMJ set. I like it. Seeing two of my favorite bands collaborate is priceless!!!
  3. My Wishful Thinking says a surprise new disc from Bon Iver. Reality tells me a new Bon Iver disc may never happen. So, with that said, I'm looking forward to the new Son Volt and hoping I hear new music from Ray LaMontagne.
  4. One vote from me for Alabama Shakes! I'm hooked on them. I also think they would fit in very well. I would love to hear Brittney sing with Jeff. Maybe a song from the Band as a duet?
  5. Good show and a good time. Although, probably my least favorite of the 3 I saw from the tour. Still had a great time and heard "Say you miss me" for the first time live, (which has been a running joke for my wife and me for about 10 yrs.)...Thanks Wilco!
  6. Friend of mine backed out. Now I have an extra ticket for Saturday at the LC. Message me if interested.
  7. Thanks for posting! Great Memories!
  8. Hello, I am interested in the tickets. Are they still available? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  9. 1.)YHF 2.)Summerteeth 3.)Being There 4.)A Ghost is Born 5.)AM 6.)Sky Blue Sky 7.) The Whole Love (could rise the more I listen) 8.)WTA I believe this list is very top heavy, with a sudden drop after AM
  10. I agree, I miss the days of standing through Wilco shows. I am getting older myself but I still enjoy being on my feet and rocking out to Wilco. The new theatre settings have forced me to attend less Wilco shows than normal. Everyone has their preferences and mine is to enjoy myself at shows. I can sit down and watch a movie, I prefer to stand and rock at concerts!
  11. I find myself very excited for this new cd. More excited than I have been for new Wilco music since YHF. Can't wait till September!!!!!!!
  12. I got into MMJ around the time of it Still Moves and have been hooked ever since. I love the live shows and their constant exploration of various sounds. On a seperate note, I was doing an interview at a Starbucks in Louisville, Ky yesterday on Baxter Ave. and Jim James walks in orders a coffe and something to eat and just walks off with very little recognition. I obviously knew who he was and wanted to halt my interview and say hello. I decided that it would be best just to let him go about his business and he walked off. Made the overnight trip to Lousiville worth while! MMJ Rules!
  13. I have been to many Wilco shows with Leroy, he was solid and I enjoyed his time in the band. I actually prefer his low key approach to Pats "rock star stage dynamics". Then again, I prefer the old Wilco to the new, this includes Nels who is a fantastic player but does not have Jay's presence. Those Wilco shows circa 96-99 were amazing! I miss them! I agree, that is an excellent way to describe Leroy!
  14. Agree, I miss the Boquist brothers, Son Volt has not been the same without them!
  15. Although no one may care or agree with my opinion. Neither Wilco or Son Volt are making interesting music anymore. I am a huge UT fan and have mixed feelings about a UT reunion. It may just be me but SBS and WTA just havent done it for me. After the first 4 to 5 songs on WTA I lost interest, same for SBS. Son Volt hasn't been the same since the line up change. Outside of Break your heart neither has made complelling music in years. I personally have found in other bands like MMJ and The Avett Bros. what I formerly found in Wilco and Son Volt, energy,passion and creative music. Whether
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