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  1. It's funny cause last night in Detroit I was thinking, "Wow Nels really sounds like he is starting to play these songs like he owns them." In fact the only note for note solo was the only solo that absolutely HAD to be played note for note - Cruel to be Kind w/ Mr. Lowe.
  2. I think this is the best venue in town for Wilco. Bigger than Royal Oak, but smaller than the Fox. My wife and I had maybe the best spot of any Wilco show we've been to - first level above the main floor straight on center. We were maybe 6 inches higher than the stage with a perfect view. The setlist was good and the boys were humming like a turbo jet. I don't know if they can get any tighter. I'm a fan of the new album, so it was great to see so many of the new songs live. That said I will agree with the person who said OSM sucked the energy out of the room. We were ready to rock it out and
  3. Wilco will love ya, baby...but they won't drag their butts in to work for ya the next day. The never ending encore (2nd set?) was mind blowing...Jeff's guitar tech just kept handing him different guitars after ea song. Wow. My only bitch is that the sound quality @ ROMT is ok at best. Songs like Deeper Down didn't get the justice they deserve. Same goes for PP>Res>Spdrs. Oh, and it seemed like we were surrounded by every tall person in the venue. Our hard work yesterday (and our co-workers response) My link
  4. the parking garages are your best bet - $3 and right around the corner on Lafayette. don't try to park on the street. they ticket til 10 and they WILL get you. RO Brewery is a fave. Bastone is good and there is a very good wine bar attatched as well. Small Plates is gone, but Tom's Oyster Bar is still there and very good. Right next door is Ronin for sushi. 4 people in line already.
  5. Probably my least favorite song on the new album. The suits looked great but buy some gotdamm matching shoes. Jeff and John look like they're wearing tennis shoes. that's like driving a Bentley w/ $100 rims.
  6. I saw David and Gillian on a similar tour w/ Emmylou Harris and a bunch of folks a couple years ago. One of my fave moments, Buddy Miller singing/guitar David on bass and Gillian on drums doing the Grateful Deads Deal. Love this format, but i won't hold my breath for a Deetroit show.
  7. Unfortunately, probably not. Two shows in two nights makes for a tough work week. But I won't rule it out. The Crofoot is a great little room so it is def got me thinking.
  8. The missus and I will be there. It will be a tough day at work for us. We can both see the front doors of the venue from our desks. Sorta like sitting in front of the christmas tree waiting to tear into presents. I'm sure one of will be lining up early. For those who like to sit, there are seats in the balcony (first come first served).
  9. I have the audio recording, but i've never seen the video. A friend saw him on the Small Change tour and said it was a great theatrical performance. I'll have to track that Storyteller performance down.
  10. Those bastards are making me walk across the street to see them this summer in Royal Oak. ALL the way to the corner (so I don't jaywalk) then back down the other side of the street. The things we go through for this band. sorry dude i couldn't resist. Seriously though, we've got three kids and the two of us together don't make 100k and wilco tix are pretty cheap and easy to score. Plus road trips are a blast.
  11. Thought it was ACL, but it was just Austin. 4/20/99 @ the Paramount Theatre Wolf Remaster vol 8
  12. i def think it's easier to start early and work your way forward. Small Change, Nighthawks (great live Tom),then onto Swordfish and Rain Dogs. I'm a huge fan of Foreign Affairs - It's like a great LA film noir. Burma Shave is an incredible song, as is Jack and Neal, Potter's Field, and his duet w/ Bette Midler I Never Talk to Strangers. I actually didn't get into anything later than Rain Dogs until I heard some of the songs live. I you come across Tom's appearance on Austin City Limits in 99 grab it.
  13. I'll raise my hand as an old guy. I work in an office with a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds (i'm a 40 yr old father of 3), so they keep me tuned in. But mostly my computer is my friend. Being able to listen to great radio like KCRW or create great radio for yourself with sites like pandora or imeem lets me discover more good music than I can shake a stick at. The notion that an artist has to hold your attention for 30 yrs to be valid is wrongheaded. Dylan is an exception rather than the rule. There will only be a handful of bands that have the longevity to truly be considered great. Who's lef
  14. I had a cold rainy drive in to work the other morning. I popped in the first disc of Quadrophenia. The Music backed by the grey skys, the rain, and the bleakness of Detroit created an almost perfect commute.
  15. X is 6/17 @ the Majestic in Detroit. Just saw John Doe w/ the Sadies last week. Great show in a tiny club for $15. ridiculous really when you consider bands not even half as talented sell out stadiums for 3x more per ticket. Also saw him open for Wilco in Cleveland last year. He had a woman who could have been Exene's daughter (in looks and age) singing backup. He always seem to pop a couple of X sounding songs into his solo stuff.
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