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  1. I can't speak for what.cd, but if it's anything like oink, there are some clear benefits. There were things i used oink to find that i would have had serious trouble finding otherwise, not to mention that oink was always fast as hell. Crossing my fingers that what.cd is the same way!
  2. Just found out that you can join what.cd by taking some online test. http://whatinterviewprep.webs.com/preparef...einterview.html
  3. hmm what.cd thanks for the tip. if anyone has an invite, I'd love one!
  4. So I used to love Oink, and have been pretty unimpressed with sites like isohunt. What's the deal with waffles.fm? Is it any good? If it is, may I have an invite? Of course, any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. 1. Pot Kettle Black 2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 3. Sunken Treasure
  6. Holy crap...it leaked a day before the lost season finale. Can someone give me a hand? Aragacalledpat@aol.com
  7. I can't wait to see A. Bird in Boston tomorrow...but i dunno if this setlist makes me more excited or a little less. Noble Beast is one hell of an album, but probably not so good that i want to hear more or less the whole thing at the expense of other great songs(no nervous tic motion of the head to the left?). Still, now it seems certain that he'll play all my new favorite tunes that i haven't listened to a million times. Holdonjustaseconddonttellmethisone youknowiknowthisone blahhhhhhhhhhhhhrg excitement
  8. PM!!!?? I'm seeing him in boston on january 30th. Words can't express my excitement for the new album and the live show....the first time i saw him was mind blowing.
  9. haha guess we're about to get a new song after the commericals!
  10. You might have just partially ruined this song for me... It's alright though, I'm having a love affair with the other one. Prediction: The new album will mind blowingly amazing
  11. that new song is really beautiful, i love it already
  12. How does it feel to have one of your songs followed by "Pecan Pie?"
  13. It was interesting to hear that Jeff didn't want the next album to sound like any of the previous albums. I mean, that should probably be expected at this point...but damn! How many totally different albums can one band make? That being said, if there's one band to do it, it'd be this one...
  14. ooooh man...spiders is going to rock my socks off like never before
  15. Oh my...this was a good way to end the day....
  16. http://measureformeasure.blogs.nytimes.com.../without-words/
  17. grow a mullet(AM wilco) skip class(being there wilco) skip class and roll around on shag carpet(summerteeth wilco) close my eyes and open them at the same time(YHF wilco) have sex- but really weird/anything goes kinda sex(a ghost is born wilco) go for a bike ride(sky blue sky wilco)
  18. anyone have an acoustic version of: at least that's what you said wishful thinking handshake drugs(if it exists...) ???
  19. I haven't gotten to download it yet, since I'm stuck with dial-up until tomorrow. What does it sound like in relation to their last few albums?
  20. made me want to write songs, which is now a hobby of mine
  21. just thought i'd let everyone know!
  22. i'm pretty sure the song's in bflat, since it starts on that, goes to eflat and f, and uses gm and cminor. it sounds like he's using a bflat harmonica to me, i only play a little but it doesnt sound like hes playing cross harp so it should be a bflat harmonica. seems like he's using notes in the middle of the harmonica(sorry if all this is obvious to you!)...i would tab it out for you but i dont have any harmonica's kicking around. maybe all that'll help you to figure it out : )
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