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  1. So, do we have any idea how much the ticket package will run, yet? $150 for all five nights for one person? Maybe more? I think I can work out hotel accomodations, but I'm not sure just yet.
  2. When I went to see them in Davenport in June, the Adler was supposed to be a no cameras allowed venue. But I put it in my pocket and got no drama at all. Obviously you can't do that with a large camera, but check the venue website for their restrictions. The band does allow photography (with no flah), so you could print off the band policy and take it to the show to show the people at the entrance if you get any grief.
  3. Oh yeah, I saw the guy just staring. He actually cut in front of us after the rest of his group was up there, and I was like "what are you doing?" and he said "I'm just going over by those guys" and I said "don't go in front of that short girl (who was actually first in line to get in), if you wanted to be up here you should have been here at 5:00". Once he didn't even respond to that, I figured he was just wasted. I have no idea how you can enjoy the show in that state. He probably doesn't even remember what is likely to be one of the best shows he'll attend. Otherwise, no doubt that
  4. I'll third it and say it was also great last night in Duluth.
  5. Oh yeah, I saw you there. I really wanted to get some sweet Pat rockin' out pics, but I failed for the most part. He's got Pete Townshend rock moves. The only thing that was pretty lame was when all those kids suddenly came up to the front right before Wilco's set started, I thought skulls were going to need some busting. But, I think for the most part they didn't cut in front of many of the diehards that were there right when the gates opened (all 10 of us or so). They did pull that cord off the front of the stage, and they also dumped a beer that got landed on a guy who I had talked to
  6. Here's the aforementioned pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9001946@N08/s...57601886572065/ Whoa. I went overboard.
  7. Oh and for whoever asked if there were tapers, I am very certain that I saw a dude with mics near the middle of the crowd.
  8. This was an awesome show. This was the second time for me this summer (first was Davenport, IA), and this blew that show away. I somehow lucked into being front and center, even after getting there shortly before 5. I was totally amazed that there wasn't more of a line, but hey, I'll take it. I'll have pics up sometime today. I went crazy and took a shitload, figuring, "how often am I going to be in this location?". It made my four hour drive and pulling into my driveway at 3 AM very worth it. Low was also very good, and it was nice that they got a respectful audience in their hometown
  9. Elliott Smith - "Georgia, Georgia" georgia georgia it's been many miles since i've seen your fallen smile close up and personal your arsenal of excuses you never told her when you walked out on this vanished shoulder with your veins all full of beer thinking well at least now everything is clear oh man what plan suicide it's just not that much different from my own affair always cussing and crying how about if you tell me something new tell me what will make you happy oh you so deserve to be there were protests and contests actions to cop i want it all to stop three weeks ago you were all gr
  10. The best thing to do is to just get her live album "The Tigers Have Spoken", and proceed to be blown away by how amazing her voice is. I have been in love with her ever since that came out.
  11. Ryan F'ing Adams. No contest. I am going to see him twice in September (Madison and Milwaukee). He and the Cards are the best thing going as far as live bands today, IMO.
  12. brettac1


    I pretty much go back and forth between Summerteeth and YHF as my favorite. The only constant in my "ranking" of the albums is A.M. in last. I like Jay Bennett's presence quite a bit on Summerteeth.
  13. Come on, someone else had to have gone to this show! Holy shit was it amazing. They were absolutely explosive, I can't fathom how a band can take 6 years off and come back sounding like they never left. QOTSA were excellent, too. Probably the best concert I've ever attended, when you throw the entire experience into the mix (mudslides, rain, etc.). Here's my pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9001946@N08/s...57601655338488/
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