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  1. Hey bud. Still have em? Electronic transfer or meet before the show?
  2. Anyone else think they should pull the current vote tally? Showing the numbers games the vote.
  3. Here's a few that I "discovered" in the past couple years. Maybe not all are considered classic, maybe not any of them, but they definitely weren't on my radar as being essential and awesome! Paul McCartney - Ram Jackson Browne - Saturate Before Using Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection
  4. Direct link http://www.npr.org/2016/10/27/499145231/first-listen-jim-james-eternally-even just trying to make it even easier to access this great new album!
  5. I was in the middle of that balcony yelling, befuddled, just a row behind the standers, who were far from disrespectful. I couldn't believe how calm they were considering the vitriol hurled at them. They were smiling, trying to shake hands, inviting people to stand up. The constant yelling was far worse than a couple people standing up at a rock show. Mind-bogglingly, people to the side of them were yelling too. That's right, people who were only slightly blocked by them were yelling fuck you and asshole. A couple ushers came and went, and talked with them. Then security, who brou
  6. I blame the State Department. Their computer system breakdown prevented King SUNNY Ade from attending. Only then did the forecast turn to shit.
  7. Sorry for your situation, but generous offer for sure. I could use that pass if your offer is still available. PM'ed you too. thanks!
  8. Hello fellow SSers. I know there's a bus from NYC, but I seem to remember a Boston coach option in previous years.. Is my memory faulty? (well, of course it generally is) Is there such a thing this year??
  9. This is a fun thread. I like the posts that added the years because you can match to your age. Go 1971! It's harder than I thought. Memory (or a lack thereof) and a desire for the list to be representative of my musical taste leave me with scraps of paper with multiple iterations of this list. Since point in time is the mandate, there might be profoundly important bands that get left off... still working on it....
  10. Nope, I'm referring to the other folks who do what I complained about. For the FreshGrass festival, MassMOCA sets up a standing section and a sitting section, with an actual line on the ground that runs directly from the middle of the stage to the soundboard. Standing on one side, sitting on the other. Everyone gets along. Note, I would not recommend this approach for SS.
  11. Gotta love the people who set up chairs up front early, aren't there the entire day, show up just as the show starts and are pissed that their stuff has been moved aside, consolidated, or there are people standing 'near' their blanket. I say respect goes both ways.
  12. Good to hear that Ken Hayes is a fan . . . didn't know that. Reminds me of other non-Dead heavy years for Vibes like when Janes Addiction and Elvis Costello headlined. More bands to come, of course, but maybe the absence of a Dead-heavy lineup, and the likes of WSP and Disco Biscuits, will keep some of the riff-raff away... Some fans over on the dead-related boards aren't psyched either. Funny, the festival reputation will keep some Wilco fans from attending, and the presence of Wilco will keep fans of the dead-centric Vibes fest from showing up. Oh the irony! For my money it's th
  13. http://gatheringofthevibes.com/2015-lineup/ Last year Lockn, this year Vibes. What's next? a psychedelic album? Nice looking starting line-up: Wilco The String Cheese Incident Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Weezer Gregg Allman Tedeschi Trucks Band Billy & the Kids Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings The Gaslight Anthem The Word, featuring Robert Randolph, John Medeski, brothers Luther & Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew Zappa Plays Zappa Dark Star Orchestra, featuring Melvin Seals Greensky Bluegrass Preservation Hall Jazz Band Deep Banana Blackout Kung Fu Twiddle Jaimoe’s Jas
  14. Any thoughts on seeing multiple shows? It's so rare that they tour, I couldn't resist and bought tix for both nights in Boston. Same setlist each night? Maybe a couple rotating songs?
  15. Nice Stereogum article. Long and remarkably well written. thanks
  16. I'll be at the Boston show too. I'm the short middle-aged guy with the beard.
  17. It's a long, long haul from the car camping areas to the music field.
  18. I was there last year. Each band played a full-length set (2 hours or close to it). It really didn't matter who "headlined". I don't remember the last band of the day getting significantly more time than than the ones that came before. Some sets earlier in the day were a bit shorter, 90 minutes or so. The stages are side by side, so the next band started playing within a minute or two of the last one ending. NO OVERLAPPING SETS! You won't miss a bit of music once you're on the music field. I'll say this now and I'll say this again, and again: You'll regret not bringing your bike.
  19. Right. Except for LL, Furthur has played those all too. This recent Ratdog tour has gotten great reviews. With Steve Kimock on guitar, you've got an incredible Jerry-esque lead player. IMO, Ratdog is a shell without Kimock... And, lastly, I'll second that DSO brings IT, every time I've seen them. Commitment, energy, and if you're lucky enough to get a 70s show, some sweet setlists.
  20. I don't tend to listen to Phil and Friends, Furthur or Ratdog shows after the fact, no matter how hot the shows are. If I'm going to listen to Greatful Dead music outside of a concert hall or club, I'm going to listen to Jerry. But seeing live shows is another matter entirely. Obviously, we can't go see Jerry any more, but we can go see and hear Jerry's music performed live. My preference is for Phil Lesh's contribution. Since 1999, Phil has had a rotating cast of "friends" who he explores the GD's music with. Some incarnations are better than others, with one being far and away the best p
  21. Don't know. I'm sure there are "technologies" that would allow that. To be clear, the link I provided above is a stealth stream, not the paid one.
  22. No more no-cost mailing of hard tickets??!?!? The was the ONE last remaining practice that could possibly mitigate their suckness. I found myself saying more than once, "At least they'll mail you your tickets at no extra charge." Wow. End of an era... I think I'll just stay home.
  23. Heard there was a 15 interruption in the ppv stream....during Terrapin no less! Full setlist. Set 1 Jam> Till The Morning Comes Doin' That Rag Let It Ride> Wade In The Water How sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Reuben and Cerise Cumberland Blues Set 2 Turn Turn Turn> The Wheel> The Other One v.1> Death Don't Have No Mercy> The Other One v.2> Cryptical Envelopment> Wheel's On Fire> Terrapin Station> Rosemary> Terrapin Station Donor rap Encore: Don't Ease Me In
  24. Cross pollinating from that other board. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/taperrob First set of Phil's opening night at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY just finished (approx 9:30). Second set should start up, well, in a while. TaperRob streaming from inside the show. Enjoy! Phil Lesh and Friends April 2, 2014 Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY Set 1: Jam> Till The Morning Comes Doin' That Rag Let It Ride > Wade In The Water (?) How Sweet It Is Reuben And Cherise Cumberland Blues* *with Boyd Tinsley
  25. New Madrid reported to have been played [from mmj forum].
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