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  1. Hey, I heard Impossible Germany at Publix a few days ago also I was excited. They usually have pretty good music there which is rather odd I think...
  2. I play it capo 5...and I think Jeff does too. Althouhg for the full band recently I think hes been doing capo 7. Anyway you can play it capo 2 if thats what key you like to sing in, doesn't really matter the dynamic of the song is the same: verse goes D A G, IIRC. It is finger-picked, its not that difficult. The D chord features a pull-off on the high e string to make the riff. The bridge (I guess?) towards the end goes Am, C, G, D...again from memory. Jeff adds a good bit of fanciness to these chords that you might be able to figure out... hint: hold the chord shape and look for pulloffs
  3. Capo 5 G -> F -> Em -> C This is the intro progression. The way he plays it on the Sunken Treasure DVD is pretty simple, you can do it with a pick. The sound is achieved by picking through the chords and then doing a pull-off on the B string. For example, play a G like this: e-3--- B-3----3p0 G-0--- D-0--0 A-2--2 E-3--3 then switch to a non-barre F and do the same thing: e x B 1---1p0 G 2-- D 3-- A 3-- E x then play a normal Em, there is no string fretted on the B string so you can't do the pull-off here. Finally move to C and do the pulloff again, eg. e 0 B 1--1p0
  4. The posters from Night 2 (Saturday) that we got all said "2007" and somebody had put white out over the 7 so it said 2008. Very shitty that they charged $25 for misprinted posters.
  5. More like the moon is one of my favorite Wilco songs too. Its extremely pretty, great lyrics, beautiful classical guitar solo. I had my fingers crossed that they'd pull it out at the Residency but I was happy to see Magazine Called Sunset and Bob Dylans 49th Beard anyway.
  6. I liked the banter about losing to the Foo Fighters at the grammys. He said his son calls them the poo fighters. This was on Friday I believe..
  7. Anyone know why tapers.org won't work for me? Host resolves and then hangs before my FTP client throws a "no route to host" error. I really want this show dammit :'(
  8. for some reason I can't ftp into tapers.org... any kind soul want to let me borrow their dimeadozen login/password as they arent taking new users. pm
  9. Can't speak for the one in Chicago, but there is a Fogo De Chao in Atlanta run by the same people. Its fantastic but you have to be a meat lover obviously. And yes, it is expensive, so make it a special occasion and go hungry (light lunch). I think for dinner its $50/person to eat or something.
  10. http://bemydemon.org/ As far as I can tell this site lists not only all of the Wilco studio recordings but a lot of songs that they recorded but didn't make it onto albums, complete with lyrics. It also has a list of releases from other bands that included Wilco members etc. Hard to beat.
  11. Can somebody explain to me what the hell Jeff is wearing in that video?
  12. Reagent

    Someday Soon

    I always play it like this: 0-1-2-0 walk on the A string, followed by an A major chord. So the progression I use for the intro is: A major -> B 7th -> E major -> C# minor -> C major -> E major The B major 7th can be played a variety of ways, but the easiest fingering for this progression is x21202 C#minor is x02120
  13. I've been trying to figure it out, seems simple enough but the one on gumbopages is wrong I'm pretty sure about that.
  14. Correction to the above: G e ------------------------------ B -------3---------------------- G 3h4-----4------------2------ D -----5---- 5--3h4------4---- A --------------------5------5- E ------------------------------
  15. Here is a very rough tab of the intro that should get you on your way... G C E Am D C G e -----------------------------------------------------------------------2-2---2--------2 B -------3------------------------1----------------0------1--------1-----3-3--------1---2 G 3h4---------------2-------------0--------0h1-0h1--------2----0h2-------2-2--------0---0 D -----5-----3h4-------------0h2-----------2---2----------2-------------------------2---0 A ----------------5-------3----------------2---2------------------------------------3---2 E -------------------------------
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