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  1. Wow I can't believe that Pieholden Suite hasn't been played yet. Can't wait to here that
  2. Damn I was hoping to hear this tomorrow
  3. Definitely a great show, the 2nd encore was amazing I liked how this was the 4th time I've seen Wilco, and they still played 9 songs I'd never heard live before. But my request for Pieholden Suite was unanswered
  4. a couple of the new songs were: shake it off (I think thats what it's called) lets not get carried away side with the seeds (I'm not positive about that name at all, but thats what it sounded like to me when he said the name of it) highlights for me were radio cure, poor places, she's a jar, side with the seeds and passenger side I was a little surprised that they played a shorter set than on friday (this show didn't clock 2 hours), but Jeff said they had a reason and that he was sorry maybe if that bunny didn't go on and waste 10 minutes again they could have gotten in more songs, but i
  5. I think I was sitting directly infront of you at the show (an 8-10 year old boy was behind me and I know he was asleep during the show) I probably contributed to your opinion of the stale crowd because I don't sing or dance, but did you notice how many times people left to go get beer? I thought that was a problem with the crowd, and the people infront of me were obnoxious talkers throughout the show too
  6. drumming bunny came on before wilco, made absolutely no sense to me, and they never offered an explanation for him in no order heres a list of songs I can guarantee they played what light walken california stars sunken treasure airline to heaven remember the mountain bed I am trying to break your heart heavy metal drummer handshake drugs via chicago hummingbird hell is chrome muzzle of bees I'm the man who loves you jesus ect... in a future age kingpin shot in the arm late greats company in my back theologians new song(opened set, the one they debuted in madison) new song(in encore with c
  7. good set, I hope sunken treasure and company in my back carry over to chicago looks a little short to me too, but thats probably standard length
  8. in general night 2 is usually better good luck getting tickets though
  9. for his sake I hope he was drunk
  10. not an entire setlist, just a couple songs you wold like to here here's mine: 1. Kamera 2. Via Chicago 3. Company in my Back 4. Sunken Treasure 5. Pot Kettle Black 6. Can't Stand It 7. California Stars 8. The Lonely 1 9. Radio Cure I figure to hear maybe 2-3 of them over both nights
  11. personally in my opinion wilco should be playing whatever they want, but I understand that they have not yet hit peak popularity, and to attract a wider audience of fans it might be smarter for them to keep playing the same old hits so they suck in more fans. And then the old fans get to hear the new songs, so in a way everybody wins but yea, I would love it if they shook up their setlists a lot
  12. all I want to hear is company in my back, via chicago, new songs and for the band to be having a good night
  13. I went on friday two second time I've seen the kings open for people first time they were godawful, this time they were a little more mature, but still pretty bad just not my style of music I guess. Dylan was incredible though, best performance I've seen him give
  14. he's an awesome drummer its a stretch to say he's the most talented of all time (which he's not), but he's perfect for wilco
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