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  1. Yes! This song is great and is the one that, to this point, has inspired the most head shaking air guitar.
  2. Based on the snippets, I counted 6 or 7 songs that I could see liking. Unfortunately, that includes the two I have already heard. I really want to hear "Life Is Hard" in full. I'm a sucker for the late-era Dylan ballad.
  3. I can't think of a band, but as for active, prime of their career artists: Lil' Wayne Beyonce Now, Dylan, Young and countless others are more important to my life, but I'm getting old. (Yes, I know Young is a Canadian native)
  4. Another vote for Harvest Moon. I love all of the songs from that one that have already been mentioned. I also like Silver & Gold a whole lot. "Razor Love" is outstanding. Prairie Wind is another nice, gentle post-1980's Neil record.
  5. I think Planet Waves has some of Dylan's most tender and poetic moments. Has he ever written a better line than this one (from "Tough Mama")? "Today on the countryside it was a-hotter than a crotch" A line at once beautiful, lyrical, and genital. There is but one Dylan.
  6. It's an older one with Blur and Van Morrison. Wilco performs "Can't Stand It" and "I'm Always in Love"
  7. All recorded sound post-Thomas Edison sucks. I can't believe some of the things I have read here. Also, I love some of the things I have read here. Good thread.
  8. Yeah, there's definitely some truth in this. Still, as long as both the Yankees and Red Sox continue to be playoff contenders, continue to battle for the AL East crown, I'll still care about the "rivalry." Just not as much as ESPN wants me to.
  9. Anyone watching Yankees-Sox? I hate high scoring back and forth games like this one. Give me a well pitched 3-2 final score. That's good baseball. Also, is that Robert Wuhl sitting behind home plate? I hate him too.
  10. "Hate It Here" had an earlier incarnation: "You're Really Gone" (performed live once - 5/16/03).
  11. If Obama's remarks were made directly to the individuals he was speaking of, I would have no problem seeing his words as poorly phrased but, ultimately, empathetic. The fact that he was addressing a San Francisco fund-raising audience does influence my perception. I fear he shaped his remarks to fit his audience. I personally don't, but I do know that where I'm from (NYC) many people do look down on "Gods and guns" small-town Americans. I'm willing to bet the political pulse of NYC is quite similar to that of San Francisco, and that Barack was trying to connect with that sensibility. Thus, I f
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