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  1. Cool deal, I missed that somehow last year...good to know its still in the pipeline.
  2. I agree. I'm still waiting on the third Loose Fur record, that back in '13 or '14, was apparently recorded the last time Wilco toured Japan.
  3. I saw this on Steve Hoffman's forum...looks like the Japanese version will have a bonus track... https://wmg.jp/wilco/discography/21514/
  4. Is the bonus track an acoustic solo track or does it have the full band arrangement? I saw a video from the Vic and I really liked the song...the bridge part sorta reminded me of Muzzle of Bees...
  5. I'm really digging "Empty Head" and "...and then you cut it in half"
  6. I am looking forward to the studio version of Sick Servant though...I saw a video of it from the Vic and I really liked it.
  7. The full band version of "How Hard is It for a Desert to Die" was great. Those two young pups on volume pedal guitars were really great. You could tell Jeff was really getting into it towards the end of the song when those guys were dueling it out. Then after that song he mentioned that he was glad they played the show.
  8. No it doesn't...I actually went out and bought the physical cd and it's the full versions...
  9. I'm really digging "Some Birds"...love the lyrics and the phrasing... "I'd love to take you down and leave you there" and "I break bricks with my heart but only a fool would call it art..." Tweedy continues to never cease to amaze me.
  10. you're right it is only on The Wilco Book...He plays it towards the beginning when he's explaining about being a service for the audience, right before Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down...great version but like I said, he talks all through it.
  11. I am enjoying the album for what it is...If this is an ongoing thing with future volumes, I sure hope he does a version of "Diamond Claw"...I love that version on Sunken Treasure too bad he yaps throughout it just before "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down"
  12. Me too...on my first few listens, I was liking side one a little better, but side two is starting to stand out the more times I hear it.
  13. it's between the green and the light pink for me as the best one...who got that light pink one?
  14. It should work now...my card worked this afternoon finally...
  15. I just finished my first listen to it on vinyl...It's for sure different of any Wilco record so far...I really like it. To me it sounds like if the first Loose Fur album and the Tweedy album/project had a baby with Star Wars as the rowdy stepbrother...on the 2nd side of the lp, some of the songs had a "Crack a Smile" (a Jandek song Jeff and Spencer covered a few years ago on a tribute album) sorta vibe, which I love...its a grower thats for sure as further listens will unpeel layers and the strange melodies get stuck in your head...GREAT ALBUM possibly their best one imo.
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