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  1. Hi! I have no tickets to trade, but if you have extras for any night I'd gladly buy them off you. Thanks!
  2. Hey everybody. Missed the onsale of these shows, and of course they sold out in minutes, so here I am ticketless. If anybody has an extra for any of the nights, I'd gladly buy it off of you. Thank you!
  3. The album title and the album artwork are hilarious. I love it. Such a welcome surprise. Bring on the Schmilco!
  4. If anybody has an extra ticket for this show, I'd gladly buy it from you! I'll buy you a drink at the show as well. Cheers!
  5. It was rough, but from the get go I searched for only a single ticket and snagged a front row orchestra seat for the Sep 14 LA show.... so pumped.... Sometimes it pays to have no friends. Ha ha. These are presales though.... Hard to know how many tickets the band had available for each night. Might have better chances at the general sale on Friday.
  6. Or if a band recorded an album that sounded like R.E.M.'s "Around The Sun" and then a couple years later put out an album that sounded like R.E.M.'s "Accelerate"... Oh. Wait a minute...
  7. That Lotti fan mail reading was one of the most bizarre/epic/hilarious/entertaining things i've ever heard. If Jeff wants to release another book of poetry, just publish those emails. I'd buy 3 copies like that. Such a great night, the setlist was excellent, and Jeff was in a very talkative and joking mood, which was great. His version of "I Hate It Here" was just awesome/hilarious.
  8. Bumping this up again, just in case anyone has any extra tickets for any of the 3 remaining Largo shows. I'll gladly pay you for the ticket plus buy you dinner/provide good company and display proper audience etiquette as well (no annoying offtime clapping or randomw outbursts of yelling and hollering). Thanks again, I'd love to go to any of the shows!
  9. Just saw this thread, this is the coolest. It makes me so happy to read and to have witnessed. That was definitely a highlight of the Santa Barbara show!
  10. Sounds awesome, I love the Largo and would have loved to have gotten a ticket to any of the shows this week. Saw Andrew Bird there last year and it is such a cool, small, intimate venue. (that having been said... if anyone has an extra ticket for any of the next 3 Largo shows I'll take it off your hands and buy you dinner as well. Hope he beats this cold soon, he was sounding like he was catching something in Santa Barbara. He wiped his nose once in the middle of The Ruling Class I believe, and then made a weird "why did I do that?" face afterwards. Funny, but no good when you have a s
  11. I made the drive up to Santa Barbara from L.A. after the Largo ticket fiasco yielded no tickets. It was a great show, I was close to the stage, 3 rows back on the right side. Unfortunately I was in front of the annoying clapper that provoked Jeff up until his "blow up" in Bull Black Nova. Let me tell you, Jeff was totally justified in getting upset and annoyed, this guy really was ruining the show for me as well. I couldn't believe how inconsiderate this guy was. The weird thing is, from the looks of him he looked like a huge Wilco/Tweedy fan. He was wearing a Wilco shirt and a Wilco sca
  12. Hey everyone, now that these shows are just around the corner I wanted to check in and see if anyone has any extras for any night at the Largo. I'd love to go, help a fan out! Thanks!
  13. That Largo fiasco was a complete clusterjam. A friend and I were both trying for 45 minutes, entering info over and over, error page after error page. Ended up having to get tickets for the Santa Barbara show.... road trip her I come.
  14. Hey all, Tried for 45 minutes to get through The Largo's primitive ticket site, even got far enough to enter credit card info a couple times, but nothing went through. Sad. If anyone has any extra tickets I would really really really appreciate it if you let me buy them from you. any of the 4 nights in L.A. would be excellent. Thanks!
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