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  1. Hey guys, I've just started learning how to play the banjo and was wondering if anyone knew the banjo tab for New Madrid. I've searched for them on google but can't find anything. Much appreciated!
  2. One thing I noticed in that scene was that the smoke alarm was going off when Jack saw his father in the hospital - they even made a point of showing Jack climb on a chair to turn it off. Of course, this made me think that Christian was a manifestation of the black smoke. I don't know if Hurley's visions of Charlie and Eko are the same thing, or if they are just all in his head - Hurley playing chess with an invisible Eko seems to suggest that they are just hallucinations. After re-watching episode 7, I'm starting to think that it's Jack who is the important one. Boone did tell Locke that h
  3. I was thinking that the "event window" that Ms. Hawking had calculated was the time when the island time matched up to the O6 time. Like, in 70 hours the island will jump to a time 3 years later, so the Losties time coincides with the Oceanic 6 time. I wonder if she anticipated the second turning of the wheel though...
  4. Kelvin, Minkowski, Hawkings...
  5. Interesting...now you've got me wondering about the sickness. We know that Danielle's crew had the "sickness", but she didn't say what it was - only that she had to kill them. But Rousseau is pretty crazy. Others with nosebleeds: Desmond and Minkowski - theirs was a result of their consciousness skipping through time. Maybe this had to do with being exposed to a strong electromagnetic force. Desmond had extended exposure to the electromagnetic anomaly in the hatch (we know that the force is strong in there from what happened to Jack's key in Season Two). Minkowski could have been exposed to s
  6. Maybe the Island still needs him. Michael wasn't allowed to die until his work was done. Locke was shot in the stomach. Desmond was involved in an explosion that blew all of his clothes off but didn't leave a scratch on him.
  7. I thought Daniel had just built the maze that morning, the rat had never been through the maze before, but she knew exactly where to go.
  8. I absolutely LOVE this album. I just listened to it again while cleaning the house and I can't find a single flaw. Unfortunately, I had bought it just before my computer was obliterated by a tree so now I only have it on my ipod. Stereo/Mono has long been my favorite, but 49:00 is definitely gaining ground...my pick for best album of 2008
  9. After watching all of just about all of the David Attenborough's series over the past couple months, I started this the other night: I can't recommend it enough, especially if you have even the slightest interest in nature. The budget was over $25 million and it shows. There's lots of beautiful, intimate scenes throughout - rarely seen snow leopards at their den, an aerial view of a wolf pack on the hunt, polar bear babies romping around and tons of gorgeous scenery. I thought I'd be disappointed after all of Attenborough's "Life of..." series, but I am very impressed. And a bonus - David
  10. I really enjoyed Empire Falls. Straight Man was pretty good too. Just finished: Wow. I've tried reading Faulkner before, and I could never really get into it, but this time it clicked. Have you ever read a book where the characters and the landscape and the telling stick with you and that's all you can think about for days? I can't wait to read more... Just started (because I have to wait for The Sound and the Fury at the library): Here's the link to the article that made me pick this one up, in case anyone is interested: Carolyn Chute
  11. LouieB - I agree, Tim Fite is wonderful - I love both "Over the Counter Culture"(which is free - BTW) and "Fair Ain't Fair" Classic
  12. Thanks, I guess I could have done that myself...
  13. Can't let this languish on page 2. Even though I'm a huge PW fan, I wouldn't have known about this album if it wasn't for VC! I read earlier that this is Amazon's top MP3 sale - the closest Paul will ever get to a #1 - and he deserves it, I just love how he bangs this stuff out in his basement, as frenetic as it is - it's a glimpse into the process for me. For the past 10 years he's been putting out the stuff that runs through his head, and I, for one, love the ADD nature of it. The thing I love about his songwriting most is the phraseplay - "tears rolling up our sleeves" or "it's a wonderful
  14. Wow. I hadn't heard about this. Do you have a link?
  15. Yes - in a way. Christian Shepard was brought to the island in a coffin - he has now apparently usurped Jacob, he's in Jacob's cabin and speaking for him. Locke will be brought back to the island in the coffin, and he will usurp Christian and become the new Jacob - whatever he is. I think that Jacob was also resurrected by the island - maybe he was on the Black Rock - and until 815 crashed, there was no threat to his power. Ben seemed disturbed that Jacob instructed them to move the island, he said something like "It's very dangerous" and later, while turning the wheel, "I hope you're happy,
  16. Tonight: Can anyone recommend a good TV series? That's really all I've been in the mood for lately, but I have no idea where to go next. I've been through all the HBO shows, Lost, Twin Peaks and have just finished Freaks & Geeks. Any other good ones?
  17. What a great episode! When Locke hands Ben the book (Philip K. Dick?) in the beginning, and, in response to Ben's comment on already having read it, Locke says "Maybe you'll catch more the second time around" or whatever...that's what this episode felt like to me. But, I guess a lot of it rests on the assumption that all the flash forwards take place somewhat close to each other. I'm wondering how many of the "Oceanic 6" are still around in the flash forwards? Jack testified that only 6 survived the crash, but Kate was a hero and fed them etc., and "would have saved the other two..."? Does
  18. Well, the executive producers have said that Charlie's arc was over, and they and Dominic Monaghan agreed that they should kill him off.
  19. I really dislike Jack too. I love how this show always keeps you guessing, not just with the mystery of the island and the Others, but also the characters that we think we know. The characters are never stagnant (except for maybe Charlie, which is why he had to drown), but what's so good about the writing that nothing is out of character. Jack was a arrogant jerk from the very beginning, but he was the one who stepped up in a time of crisis and was seen as a hero until things died down a little - I think us viewers become less enchanted with him at about the same rate as the other characters -
  20. A couple years ago someone here recommended A Secret History and I read it twice in a row. I just started this one yesterday and am loving it as much, if not more, than her previous book. I'm probably just a sucker for offbeat coming of age stories, but the best fiction I've read in the past year have all been in line with this theme...Lethem's Fortress of Solitude, Atwood's Cats Eye and now this one.
  21. I don't post much, but I just have to contribute to this thread. I watched the whole 3 seasons in two months and I can't wait for it to start again. Ben is my favorite character - I hope Season 4 delves into his story a bit more. Just 6 more days...
  22. That book is a lot of fun. Enjoy.
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