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  1. They were on promptly at 8:30, off promptly a few minutes before 10:30. Expect the same tonight although there might be a later curfew on a Friday. Last night was great loved the song mix.
  2. The band set high expectations based on past performances. I would have been very disappointed with 70 minutes. Hope everyone is ok.
  3. First concert since Wilco at brooklyn steel in October 2019. I thought the vibe at the Mann was fun, felt great to be at a show. Felt empty for most of SK's set. SK's music is not bad, but man when Corin starts hollering it is downright awful. I thought Wilco put on a good show, even though it felt entirely predictable and the Mann sound is not the best. Good to see some live music for a change!
  4. Yes, Wilco in Philly August. Hope it happens. Also pulled the trigger on two fests to catch Pearl Jam. Sea hear now and Ohana.
  5. Yeah I got nothing for MSG tickets. The Apollo show is nuts. Cost me $300 in 2016 for MSG and I think this year will cost $500 to get in the door at MSG. Odd that there is no Boston, Hartford or Philly. Must be a Fenway show planned and possibly Citizens bank park.
  6. I loved the Brooklyn show. Small venue, great sound and new tunes to enjoy. Cannot ask for much more.
  7. It was out there and the window panes were very strong at that time......or so Ive heard. Loved the Jerry shows at the Bushnell. Something good always seemed to happen at Hartford shows.
  8. I was lucky enough to catch her at ACL this past October. She was fantastic. Bonus: Mike McCready joined her for a cover of Babe Im Gonna Leave You. It was electric and definitely one of the highlights of the festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu4hOLFfWPQ
  9. I loved the Jerry and John shows. Sometimes a hot mess, but there were always moments of brilliance in Jerry's playing. I caught a Bird Song at the Bushnell in Hartford that went on for 20 mins.
  10. Forget what I said about that. Last night in Philly was another fantastic show. Glad I could catch them 3 times. So good! The crowd was much better than MSG and the band was into it big time!
  11. Funny you say that, totally agree. People around me both nights not even clapping. Lame.
  12. Tremendous shows at MSG last week. If you have a chance, GO SEE THIS BAND. I picked up tix for Philly I enjoyed it so much.
  13. The Prague setlist looks fantastic! And Pearl Jam at Fenway will be every bit as good as an arena show. They crushed it at Fenway in 2016.
  14. The guy making the comments was a jerk. Jeff handled it like a total pro. The venue was cool and it was a bit surreal to be on the Princeton campus for a show.
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