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  1. Great show. i haven't got to see them since Cincy in '09.....I think. Red Rocks crowd, and security are great. I've been used to the back half of the venue getting upset when someone stands to dance. But not last night!!! It was somewhere around the 15th show I've seen (first one west of Louisville/indianapolis). I'm a tru fan!! I smoke and drink a bit. but not at Wilco shows because it'll go by too fast and then I'm just sad at the end:( I really thought it was over after "End of the century." So nice to be around good people and listening to great music in a beautiful venue! P.S. check ou
  2. some i really like that i haven't seen on any lists. 1. Liam Finn- Fomo 2. Cage the Elephant- Thank you happy birthday (holdin' down for KY) 3. Paul Simon- So Beautiful or so what 4. Jason White- The Longing 5. Lots of good ones this year ...and I'm obviously waiting for Wilco Also waiting for... 1.Baxter Dury- Happy Soup 2.Pajama Club
  3. i already said i like the show. but man!! the atmosphere within the audience is still blowing me away. i always run into the asshole when i see them further south. the vibrant crowd and stellar music is what it's all about. great experience. thank you detroit:)
  4. i drove up from lexington, ky to see the show and stay with a friend in detroit. my jaw hit the floor when i heard magazine called sunset and summerteeth. third time i've seen them this year, and by far the best. MOST IMPORTANT...no seats! what a show! now i have to drive back
  5. this is a good point. the guy was totally obnoxious. if 'twer an old lady, little kid, broken leg person, or someone kind of polite I would have compromised. the guy told me that i wasn't at a van halen concert! i was definately not the only person standing in the loge. i'm not bragging about blocking anyone's view. I'm not gonna sit. I did it in columbus in the balcony, and it made no sense. Surely, all those people didn't buy balcony tickets to sit. some didn't care, and i would guess others were worried about what the person behind them might say. there are six guys on stage playing the
  6. well, that may be true, but i bought my tickets through the fan club and that's where i wound up. i hope he remembers my ass. buy the dvd and stay home if you're gonna be upset that people stand. I WILL NEVER SIT AT WILCO
  7. Wilco was great, but perhaps the best part was dealing with the sitters. In the Loge, 3rd row I made up my mind that i wouldn't be swayed to sit by obnoxious "fans." Of course the biggest ass sits right behind me. He told me that i wasn't at a van halen concert and demanded i take a seat during the first song. I would have no part of it, stood my ground. Unless you play drums, keyboard, or have two broken legs i would suggest you not sit. These are rock concerts, not plays. I will not have some first timer tell me how to behave at a wilco concert. ha ha ha
  8. man, i love old bourbon and new wilco! neither one ever lets me down
  9. i'm sorry. i've been listening to the album for the past few days. good luck! no problems so far. the computer is covered in bondo dust, so you never know
  10. Loved the show, it was redemption for the slop three years ago. Thought it was over for sure and they surprised me with hoodoo voodoo for the finale. The fact that they didn't play any new songs is interesting since they played a few last fall. Great! Great! Great!
  11. damn!!! why haven't i received my pre-sale tickets to this show? sent an email to the company last friday and they said the tickets haven't been sent out. has anyone had a similar experience with pre-sale? the show is in a week!!
  12. dear mr. squigglecat, We regret to inform you that your "A.M." listening rights have officially been revoked (papers are in the mail). Also, two copies of 1985's best-selling soundtrack, "Teen Wolf" are en route to your residence as you read this. Wilco has decided to deal with you on their terms. Step1. clean AM with sandpaper. Step2. memorize "Teen Wolf" soundtrack. know it. live it. Step3. wait patiently for "Step 4." Sincerely,
  13. hell yeah. if you want tickets bad enough, you'll get them. good luck
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