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  1. Thanks @randomname (In these uncertain times, I love this forum even more.)
  2. According to the Wiki page: "The novel's Norwegian title, Min Kamp, is very similar to Hitler's Mein Kampf. The book's editor, Geir Gulliksen, originally forbade Knausgård from using the title, but later changed his mind. Knausgård's British publisher at the time was not interested in the book, and Knausgård did not protest the German translation publisher's decision to change the title in that region." And, "The sixth book has a 400-page essay on Hitler's early life and autobiography." I'll have to reserve judgement until I read it I guess. (Are there Cliff's Notes?!) I never made it throug
  3. Thanks Randomname. I just googled Knausgaard and that is exactly the guy I saw. (He has ahmazing hair!)
  4. Last weekend, I brought a friend in Berlin to her first Wilco show. Afterwards we were able to say hello to Glenn Kotche (!!!!) who was with a tall silver haired gentleman. After the man left, Glenn told us that this was one of his favourite authors. Back in Dublin we excitedly told a third friend not at the show about the rock star encounter, and she asked us for the name of the author -- completely missing the main gist of the story. (Mental note to move her to my B-List.) Of course, I can't remember. Does anyone here have an inkling who that author might be? I only remember that it sound
  5. This was my third show on the Tweedy tour so far. I brought non-wilco fan friends along to each show (some because they lived in the town where I needed a place to stay). And brought six pals to this one, in our own city. They teased me that they were coming along to witness my mania. Ha! Even though most of them have been coerced to accompany me to Wilco shows in the past, there was something so charismatic and charming about seeing Mr Tweedy perform solo that has turned them into superfans. One of them tagged Spencer in a post show Instagram photo and Spencer wrote back. She was thrilled. I
  6. I love Wait for Love. I love how it "grew" on me after a few listens -- that quiet one in the corner who you don't notice right away. I love how the penduluming rhythm of the waltz reminds me of an old married couple. I love how it is a sonic metaphor that alludes to doing the same old same old in a long marriage, where life forces you to prioritize the mortgage, the kids, the job, the bills over each other. And you gradually realize that there is a reassurance to routine, that these well worn orbits, with their perigees and apogees, means you oscillate around a constant center. Your heart is
  7. No offense but I call the Viachicago community "Wilcoholics Anonymous" when I quote information I find here with my non-Wilcoholic friends.
  8. Also Dublin tickets for Tweedy on 28th of January go on sale tomorrow! So happy.
  9. That's because "If it's not Scottish, it's crap."
  10. Being half Scottish myself, I really thought there was a nice Scotsman rapport between Tweedy and Ewan McGregor when they played charades on Jimmy Fallon last night. :-)
  11. Seriously, it brings out the OCD in me that there are only 19 tracks on each CD and the title wants you to have 20. But it is uber effective and makes me want to fill in that "blank," which requires a mental cataloguing of all my favorite Wilco songs, and thinking what I would include if I were boss. I love, too, that it is a question about location. Such a clever title. Whoever came up with it in Wilco Inc. should get a raise and a promotion. Guess what I'm getting everyone on my list for Christmas this year...
  12. Let's not resort to ad hominem attacks. But while we are at it... Good for you if the opportunity to post video of yourself naming the hippest friends you have and pouring water on yourself encourages you to donate money to a cause that you didn't care about yesterday and won't think about tomorrow. Knock yourself out! If a tree falls in the forest and no one was there to put it on Facebook, Instagram and tweet it, does it make a sound? Similarly, what is the point of donating to charity if I can't post cute photo- and video-selfies while doing it? My husband (and sons) have jumped in li
  13. I will agree that I enjoy watching videos of hot men dumping ice cold water on themselves whether they donate money or not. However, I do find this whole thing sort of annoying and reminiscent of some large scale sort of pubescent "all the cool kids are doing it" peer pressure. Clever they have tapped into that insecurity, both with this campaign and that no make-up breast cancer meme. Why not give to charity without calling so much attention to ourselves? And anyway, I have other pressing concerns for my charity budget right now, like the UNRWA fund. Who wants to do some cutesy water
  14. When I saw "tunnel" I thought Gaza for a second. I was glad that it turned out to be something sorta lovely instead.
  15. I mean to say: No answers given, but perhaps questions will be, like in this popular TV quiz show,
  16. Ooooh! Is this like Jeopardy where we give the answer and you tell us the question?
  17. May I suggest for consideration the law that allows gun permits for the blind? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/09/iowa-law-gun-permit-blind-people
  18. Ok. Here is a question: Bar performing a frontal lobotomy, can any of us really inspire another person to "change"? Either their political convictions or even a simple habit of hygiene? And if yes, can these changes be permanent? Sent from my iPhone 6 Beta.
  19. (This is my favorite thread. Followed by "Rank the Wilco albums chronologically.")
  20. I hope he will tour with Tweedy in Europe then! Specifically London. Wonder what his voice sounds like... this enigmatic man of mystery. Is he a Chicagoan? I think I would probably lose interest if I found out he was from Florida. (No offense to Floridians, but the heart wants what it wants.)
  21. I'm also a huge fan of Kidsmoke and have had a reassuring private convo with her. Yes. This board is good. I love the Wilco community, and still dream of a permanent Solid Sound village/commune where we print our own Wilcurrwncy, grow our own food, and homeschool our children.
  22. Hawt! Wallpapered... Thanks!
  23. Duly noted! But on the other hand, I would want to find out even if it was the SCOTUS that had banned someone I have a good opinion of. (I'm not altruistic -- I wouldn't care as much if it was someone I did not miss.) I question authority when I can because it is one of my luxuries of becoming a naturalized American. Free to be you and me. :-)
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