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  1. Thanks for the info. I will look again. I have the nyctaper recording now, so my musical weekend is complete..
  2. Are some songs, the Poor Places and Reservations combo, missing from the Friday night taping? I just tested out what I thought was the last track and encounter Pot Kettle Black... Sorry to sound negative and worried. It sounds fantastic.
  3. Got the email.... Yes early bird Has it been two years already? Oh, yes. It has. It's official. Tickets for Wilco's Solid Sound Festival 2017 go on sale this Friday, December 9th at 10am ET. There are a limited number of Early Bird Weekend Passes available for $134 each. Kids passes will be available for $50. Take the leap of faith with us. It's going to be an unforgettable weekend again.
  4. No early bird or early worm or early soil tickets?! Everyone in my family now knows one of their Christmas presents....
  5. Ok, this is my problem. I should state right off, that it is the sort of "problem" that will cause no tears to be shed by those reading. My wife, my dog and I are doing the Canadian snowbird thing this winter. Driving down by car and spending months in Arizona and California. We plan to leave Ontario driving south on Dec. 29th. We have various airbnb's set up for January and February, so we have flexibility for March and April. We were planning to be back home for the middle of April. Then yesterday Wilco announced two nights performing at Massey Hall Toronto in the middle of March. Th
  6. Regrets, I have a few, but then again....(missed them at The Horseshoe Tavern department) - first time I saw Wilco was opening for R.E.M. at Ontario Place in 1999. But back to thinking about Saturday evening at TURF - Fort York Toronto.... I thought that Jeff had a smile on his face most of the time. Suspect that we provided the humour - a wet, muddy, soggy sight we must have been. The show was one treat after another..- Star Wars continues to be wonderful to listen to...( it has been my soundtrack to the summer, forgiving them for providing NO sneak preview at Solid Sound - will teach m
  7. Wilco played Saturday night at TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival). They came out onto the East Main Stage at around 6:40. Although it had been a windy and rainy afternoon, Wilco started their set in sunset sunshine and were perfectly timed to finish their set in darkness. I will write another post with more details and thoughts....
  8. Nels and the Nels Cline Singers just spent the weekend at Hillside Festival north of Guelph, 22 minutes from my home. Saturday was a mainstage jam with Daniel Lanois....unforgettable....pics
  9. My download never gets to the full size, but then tries to pretend it is complete and then the unzip fails....thanks for the youtube link....it sounds gritty great...
  10. Reading this made me whimper just a little. I had mulled over driving down from Ontario all week.....tonight I sit with my memories...three Wilco concerts in a year must be acceptable? Solid Sound both nights and AmericanaramA in Toronto this past Monday.....hope someone took up your offer...
  11. I thought it was a solid summer night and a worthwhile show. My wife was noting the crowd shift from Solid Sound to Americanarama. She said at North Adams you could tell all eyes, ears and hearts were on Wilco. In Toronto, some Wilco fans, some Dylan, some MMJ and Richard Thompson - but also some of the crowd were there just to chill, or drink or chat or meet people....a picnic party. I thought that Jeff Tweedy was the official host of the night, bringing on Leslie Feist, making CanadianaramA jokes, throwing in some Cohen and then closing with a strong, all hands on deck with My Morning Jacket
  12. A week later and I am still smiling about the Friday night all-request mostly covers first night of Solid Sound 3. Some combo of our family has attended every Solid Sound. We even visited Mass Moca the summer of 2012 to see the Oh Canada show. We live 90 minutes northwest of Toronto (almost Guelph) and it always takes some planning to make the weekend work. This time we camped in Vermont and wish we had more time to explore. Next time. We think that Solid Sound is getting better and better. We are learning how to balance the music with the art. We all enjoyed the Friday night show, I could
  13. Throwing my opinions into the ring.... The idea of a standing only area up front sounds good to me. Some of us like to have chairs and blanket to set up a base camp in Joe's Field for the day, but when the sun sets it should all be put aside. I thought that Neko Case was perfect. Perhaps not a gripping performance, but her voice just seems so suited to the space. I was watching the sky and scanning the hills and she belonged. The Blisters were great. Foxygen were fantastic, some true laugh out loud moments and sweet time travel music I think that Courtyard D is a prisoner of the heat. Yo
  14. Have we gone too far? This will be our 4th time to North Adams, Mass. We have camped at Clarksburg and Savoy Mtn and also stayed at Bascomb Lodge. This time we bought our early worm tickets early, of course, but messed up and dawdled on accommodations... So we have a camping site in Vermont - as close to the Mass border as we could get. Woodford State Park. Google Maps says 20.5 miles and 32 minutes. Anyone camped there for a previous Solid Sound? Is this going to work or have we gone too far?
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