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  1. Just back from Rush R40 tour at the ACC here in Toronto, there's a certain giddiness in the crowd at a hometown Rush show that feels really unique, someday I'd like to see them in another city and see if that's the case. Although many of the diehards in attendance seemed to think this could be their last hurrah, won't be for lack of ability if that ends up being true. Deliberately avoided reading anything about the tour and I'm so glad I did, *SPOILER ALERT* they went backwards through time starting with a few from Clockwork Angels and ending the 1st set with Subdivisions. Obviously the 2nd
  2. After pissing away close to a grand and a week's vacation time on a fiasco of a Replacements tour, I have made the tough decision not to attend Solid Sound this time and would also like to give my 3 day early bird pass to someone here. I realize most people that can attend will already have tickets but maybe there's a friend or relative you could bring along? PM me or post here if interested.
  3. THE WIND BLOWS HIGH Trees whip to the ground, the clouds are streaming To think I would ever live to see this day Beneath an angry sky the crowd is screaming It's clear that someone's got to pay I cannot account for where I've been Never thought I'd need an alibi Open up the sky and let me in Oh - the wind blows high I see you coming in the morning soon Unwrap your blue guitar, play a merciful tune Wipe a final tear from a dead man's eye Oh - the wind blows high The wind blows high and the wind blows low again There's a shaking in the ground like the world might end Voices of the sea
  4. Thanks so much for posting this, at the festival I asked them for a large or xl & they had just sold the last one to a girl in front of me for her boyfriend (they still had a small or medium but it didn't work for me). Ordered now - thank you!
  5. Comes with download. Trailer for the movie here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymL2yH3whsQ
  6. It's worth it just for the phenomenal live in studio version of Electric Fence. The concert footage is good too though not as high quality as the bonus disc in the Funeral Singers dvd. Most of the songs in Made A Machine... are from Quicksand/Cradlesnakes, if you're a fan you should definitely have it. My Stitches pre-order bundle arrived Thursday, 5 days before street date! Loving it.
  7. Just WOW indeed, that was amazing. Thanks for posting the setlist, just to add that Kiss Me On The Bus segued into 3rd Stone From The Sun. There were some Paul lyric blanks on Androgynous, I Will Dare & the best/least bit of Bastards Of Young, but overall they were super tight & couldn't have looked happier to be there. That was incredible. 5 words I never thought I'd say again: I saw the Replacements tonight!!! Fuck yeah.
  8. I'm greedily hoping for a warm-up club show somewhere in Toronto on Saturday night, seems reasonable to think they might want to get their feet wet before headlining a festival on Sunday. Just in case, definitely saying NO to overtime next weekend and keeping my ears open for any announcement towards the end of the week.
  9. The way the previously announced venue shows are right in the middle of the living room tour makes me wonder if there will be any full band shows at all. Especially since the venue shows are now listed as 'with Richard Buckner'. I totally get why Tim would rather play living rooms to an attentive audience but I'd love to see some full band shows too. Looks like Buffalo will probably be my only show on this tour. Stitches pre-order info should be coming down the 'pike any time now, bring it on!
  10. When Elvis Costello opened for Dylan there was no interaction until the very last show (if memory serves), then they did Tears Of Rage together. So that $5 bet may go down to the wire. Wilco should break out We've Been Had on this tour. "Every star that hides in the back of the bus..."
  11. I picked up The Replacements Songs For Slim for $11.99 on red vinyl, was very happy with that, and surprised to even see it. Had a real "what is this shit?" moment when I put it on though, until I realized it should be played at 45 rpm. Wish I had more patience to browse there but it was uncomfortably crowded.
  12. Last time I saw Paul (at the Phoenix, solo, circa Come Feel Me Tremble), he opened with Alex Chilton. If I were the 'Mats playing their first show since 1991 I'd do the same I think. Either that or an early classic like Color Me Impressed , or Takin A Ride. But Alex Chilton would work on so many levels. Can hardly believe this is happening, there's so much time for things to go wrong....but I got my ticket plus an extra at the earliest bird cheapest price, anyone looking to travel to Toronto for the FIRST REPLACEMENTS SHOW SINCE 1991 (!!!!!!!!!!), I got room for at least one, maybe 2 more here
  13. Just ordered Toronto tix, thanks so much for the heads up! 'Mats & Dino jr on the same bill, should be some kinda day. Assuming Paul & Tommy are in, wonder if Chris will play or if Slim is even able? I'll take what I can get, been such a loooooong time!
  14. Toronto setlist was almost identical to Ottawa, they did Braindead in place of No Expectations and returned to finish Bottles & Bones this time after the Space-y interlude. The new songs are sounding really great, Stitches can't get here soon enough and hopefully some nearby dates on a fall tour!
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