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  1. I have to say that Purling Hiss shredded the second to last song they played in Fayetteville. I'm a sucker for a long freakout guitar jam. It's also a good thing we stood the whole concert when Wilco started playing, otherwise the orchestra seating arrangement wouldn't have been comfortable for my 6'6" frame. Especially my legs.
  2. It's going to be tough for them to match their performance from the Uptown Theater in KC last December, but I'll wait and see how they do. I don't know anything about Purling Hiss, but I'm betting I will like Nick Lowe better. Orchestra seating for me!
  3. Going to Fayetteville tomorrow night (May 10th). Been to: 10/16/06 - Springfield, MO 5/16/08 - St. Louis 6/15/09 - Oklahoma City 10/6/09 - Kansas City 12/3/11 - Kansas City
  4. I consider this to be the best Wilco concert that I have attended. The first two songs were worth the price of admission. The rest was just gravy. I was very pleased to hear New Madrid.
  5. I agree. Absolutely love that song. Can't get into Open Mind that much. It makes for good background music.
  6. Currently about to make it through the whole album twice. The more I listen, the more I like it. Dawned on Me and especially Whole Love seem to be getting better with each listen. One Sunday Morning seems to have so much power for a mostly gentle song.
  7. I think it has some nice songs on it, but I guess I'm not as overwhelmed as most. A good record to be sure, though. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood.
  8. I didn't listen to the website stream. I like what I'm hearing for my first listen to The Whole Love and Dawned on Me. I missed the beginning of the show.
  9. Like many others, I'm sure, I like to collect the posters from the shows and/or tours I attended. Unfortunately, half of them blew away earlier this year and the others are damaged. I especially liked the OK City Native American and the Nudie Suit tour poster. I hope to pick up a good one for the Kansas City show in December.
  10. Kansas City on a Saturday night!
  11. Thanks. I usually like to read the forum to get news/links, etc. I thought this was a good topic to post on.
  12. 1. My older brother brought home AM one day. 2. First show was in Springfield, MO in 2006 when the freak jumped up on stage.
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