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  1. Thanks to some wonderful wilco friends, I was able to find lodging in nearby Williamstown for SS 2013 & 2015. Due to my own negligence and yearning to scratch a new town/state off the list I was wondering if y'all have some recommendations. I've never been to Vermont and saw that Bennington is reasonable for traveling daily. There are also possibilities still within MA or even NY. Your advice is appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Maybe they'll debut the new album in KC, as we were the last city they held out on before Star Wars
  3. I've been hoping that they surprise us and play a new album all the way through without a single leak leading up to the festival.
  4. I missed out on those initial Wilco tickets for sale, but I'll be in Chicago and got a ticket to the Nick Lowe show on Wilco's off day. Maybe on those other days I'll stop by the Riviera and see if someone is selling a spare. Anywho, Second City and Improv Olympic are always an option. And anyone want to get drinks?!
  5. I'm not drunk anymore, wish I was, but thought I'd post this anyway. This topic came about when I drunkenly called WilcoMe after an Alejandro Escovedo sighting a couple weeks back in Kansas City (when he wasn't even playing here, just here for fun thing). While catching up and talking about the 1.5 years until the next Solid Sound, I joked that there needed to be a Wilco dating website. Anyways it got me thinking. As an regular bar-goer, what is your towns alt-country, Wilco hangout? When I was in Brooklyn it seemed to be The Way Station. In KC, perhaps the Westport Saloon? I also
  7. it could have happened to us! http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2013/07/foxygens_sam_fr.html
  8. Awesome experience! Great meeting some folks on VC. Thank you WilcoMe for all the help in finding a place to stay this year! I was thinkin' what Wilco could do at the next SSF should they come back next year. Possibly play the new record all the way through on one of the nights? I think it would be incredible especially if there were no prior leaks of new material. It'd be cool to see Jonathan Richman and The Replacements on the same bill, too.
  9. Me too... Mavis Staples was playing a free show in my backyard (Prospect Park) at roughly the same time.
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Went ahead and reserved tickets. Perfect show for the afternoon just a few blocks from where I'll be anyway that evening! Worst case, I can get a drink at Turkey's Nest and pop out from time to time to listen from outside!
  11. Any New Yorkers going to the free Mavis Staples show in Prospect Park this Friday? Followed by Son Volt playing Music Hall of Williamsburg Saturday?
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