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  1. i can't remember the last time an album hadn't leaked this close to its release date. congrats Ramseur Records! maybe its because its an EP.
  2. wow. i've exhausted my "sources" too. pm me too. thanks!
  3. i've read a few reviews and it sounds awesome. very similar to the first gleam, more stripped down, good front porch swing music. the "murder in the city" mp3 is everywhere and its just an incredible song.
  4. anyone heard the new Gleam yet? can't wait till this comes out next Tuesday.
  5. kamera26


    anyone have audio from the TV broadcast yet? sorry if this has already been posted somewhere else.
  6. more video from rolling stone, jeff swinging a bat in the batting cage. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...ly-at-bonnaroo/
  7. schedule just posted. http://www.bonnaroo.com/2007/schedule-0614.html
  8. its something i have kind of just gave up on. they are only going to play what they have rehearsed and songs like Pieholden Suite, I'm Always in Love, Dash 7, etc......we aren't going to hear unless they start practicing them. i just can't imagine another tour with the same standard songs that aren't off the most recent album.
  9. will it ever because of copyright? i thought nbc were asses about this kind of thing.
  10. agreed, i'm with you on that. rufus and bright eyes are in my top 5 so far too.
  11. so RV's park right near the main stage or centeroo?
  12. so i'm listening to the audio rip from this show and during the "Family Gardener" there is another man's voice singing with Tweedy. who is it? audience member? guest musician?
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