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  1. Something to worry about ?! How about Clayton !!!! Chickens have not hatched yet.
  2. That changed the whole game.....LA tanked after that stole their MOJO
  3. No love for the LA Dodgers ?! Don't count them out, showed lots of heart in game 5 vs the Nats.
  4. I was lucky enough to go to night 2 and 3 in LA. Night 2 was a little odd and Jeff was calling out the people in the front row. Some guys behind me keep talking and I shot him a look a few times. Almost got into it with him....odd vibe that night but Wilco sounded great. Night 3 much different vibe and I was so happy to see Dave and Phil Alvin. When there were playing at one point Dave said something like "Hey Wilco fans check this out, I was ahead of my time ...or maybe behind" Then he played "Fourth of July" with a great solo. It really would have been good to see them all play "Califo
  5. Shut out in LA.... the wife and I tried......not good
  6. I think someone said it's on Record Store Day...
  7. KO11


    No longer do I have these...
  8. KO11


    Have 2 extra tickets for The Greek: Orch A Left Row N Seat 21&23 $75.00 each. Let me know....
  9. There is some music that is best heard "live" , I think BB King's music was best heard live. Very sad to hear he has moved on...it's up to us to keep his music alive....RIP. Damn so sad...
  10. KO11

    The Who

    People forget....
  11. I took my wife to this last Friday....had a great time. What a story teller. Alice still sounds great.......
  12. I liked them both...the 2nd one is cool. Well done "keep on rockin in the free world"...
  13. First I got 2 in SEC A row N....and then I tried again and got 2 in the PIT!!!! May need to unload on the 2 extra ones LA Greek
  14. I was watching Jeopardy with the wife and almost fell out of my chair....it was something about "who's album was Whole Love and something about Uncle Tupelo" I was on the phone playing poker....
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