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  1. Hate It Here gave me pause to think about our Brazilian friend Mariana, and briefly consider "what ARE we gonna do" when we run out of shows to attend, and rails to secure, and pre-sales to freak out over..... I had to laugh when Jeff said "Who you going to follow, The National?" cus I am going to Seattle next week for two of their shows at the Paramount... He gets me.
  2. Loved it! Great night!! Thanks to Bbop for all the great reports. U inspired me to get to as many shows as possible.
  3. Seems like a lot of tix left for some of the non sold out shows. I am trekking solo from AZ for the Sante Fe show and may head down to El Paso if I am inspired enough to drive that far. Love to meet any other Wilco heads up there for a beer or preshow tailgate. Golfing at Buffalo Thunder during the day on Tuesday before the show... what are Wilco Heads known as? ... Wilclones, Justfans??? I wonder?
  4. ​i always thought this was an interesting insight and great advice for other artists and very poignant... "And if the whole world’s singing your songs, And all of your paintings have been hung Just remember what was yours, Is everyone’s from now on And that’s not wrong or right, But you can struggle with it all you like, You'll only get uptight"
  5. My first SolidSound, I must say the best 2 Wilco shows I have ever seen hands down. Curious to see what tweedy n friends will be. Hopefully a little less crowded today. Peace!
  6. I came to Wilco via Son Volt a long time ago.... Just saw Jay in Phoenix a couple weeks ago at the fabulous Crescent Ballroom, i was excited to see him(especially at that intimate venue) but I was really tired so i didnt get into it as i should have, but it wasnt the best show i have seen. I would go again though if he came back thru town.
  7. http://viachicago.org/topic/52382-solidsound-festival-2017-ride-share-from-boston-and-back/?p=1605325 i just sent u a message... anybody else need a ride?
  8. I saw them in PHX and it was the best show i have seen this year... But i have never seen them after listening for 20 years so i was excited and they nailed it. JJ
  9. I am renting a car and driving from Boston on the morning of Friday June 23rd and back to Logan Intl airport Monday morning June 26th. Looking for 1 or 2 festival goes who need a ride and want to split the rental car expense (it will be cheaper & faster than any of the other ride options i have seen.) I also put a ride share request in on Skeedaddle (search for the Boston to SS on those dates)... If Skeedadle gets enough riders I will cancel the car. please reply if you need a ride
  10. Solid sound ride share from Boston. I am thinking of renting a car and hoped I could get some other SolidSound attendees who need to get to North Adams from Boston to chip in and share the ride. I may start a new topic on this but I thought I would try it out here first. Anyone interested or are there any better alternatives for transportation? My first SS and I know very little about the area.
  11. that video is crazy. the band seems pretty amazed. sounded like a bit of an extended jam and Glenn got out of his normal pattern and played off of Nels for a moment. Never heard that before...
  12. Thanks for the run down. Good stuff. I was hoping they would live stream at least one of these shows, last nights would have been ideal... maybe they will on this next leg down south. I wonder how south american audiences will be for them. Sorry to see this little stretch come to an end.
  13. Not too mention an incredible bass player. SO glad i saw the Seattle shows and consequently the new album is really getting under my skin... having heard much of it live i appreciate the songs much more. Especially sweet live were the little harmonies with Jeff and John on If I ever was a child, the more quiet stripped down set up was great to be able hear that live. Any show with You are my face is awesome... Also cool to see the Star Wars tunes among others... Btw... I have given up trying to turn people on to Wilco. Its an acquired taste, but once you get a taste for it, it all tastes go
  14. agreed! Muzzle of Bees, Theologians, Ashes, Magazine called sunset, among others... wow
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