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  1. I met David Grohl twice in the space of a month playing festivals and he was a tremendous guy. He is kind of the Mayor of Rock though.
  2. This guy sounds like a total pro.
  3. It should be ok once your vaccination rate catches up. We seem to be doing fine in the UK now the younger age groups are increasingly dosed, that was the only group that was lagging a bit. I wouldn't blink at attending an indoor gig now.
  4. What was the reason for the shows being moved outdoors, cases bad in those areas?
  5. My pet already has a name and a pedigree name, however I think a Tweedy name is needed. Incidentally, my other half wanted to call him Jeff Tweedy as Gilmore Girls/Paul Anker reference...
  6. I miss this every time as I'm in the UK, but I've signed up for Substack. I've requested the occasional guitar lesson.
  7. Necro-thread, but this is the closest I've seen anyone come with tabbing this, thanks! If anyone can help me out with the initial freak-out section it would be much appreciated, I can't quite work it out exactly. I can get close like some of the live versions but I'm trying to match the record.
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